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Mane University Miami What happens when you put two of the industry’s top celebrity colorists in front of a group of aspiring mane masters? Pure #manespiration! On October 11th, Mane University Miami with George Papanikolas and Rita Hazan took place in the heart of sunny South Beach and left everyone in attendance with a dazzling dose of enlightenment, artistry, and imagination. Together with the Mane Addicts team, Danny Jelaca Salon’s exceptional staff and gorgeously chic space created the perfect retreat for such an exciting educational hair and beauty event! Mane University Miami The man behind the manes of Kim Kardashian and Gigi Hadid, George Papanikolas, demonstrated his signature sun-kissed balayage and spilled the secret to his extremely precise, delicate application. Mane University Miami And later, Beyonce and J.Lo’s trusted colorist, Rita Hazan, discussed the process behind the creation of her bestselling product lines and shared her off-the-cuff expertise as she invited the class onto the floor to put her techniques into practice right there on our beautiful Miami models! Mane University Miami From unbelievable industry anecdotes (George’s tour with Britney Spears and the first time Rita met Madonna just to name a few), to the terrific gift bags sponsored by Matrix and Rita Hazan hair care, Mane University Miami proved what an incredible impact you can create when you get a group of passionate artists together to talk shop. Mane University Miami Two Mane Masters opposite in approach both shared their unique perspective on how to achieve a variety of flawless color corrections and transformations on each model, while our students took home superior skill sets and a swelling sense of pride to bring back to their home salons. Mane University Miami


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