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Mane University: New York City Recap

Let’s be honest: both runway and the red carpet have completely changed the hair game over the past five years. Some styles can work for both arenas, but often the former is completely over-the-top, while the latter pertains to styles women want to recreate in the privacy of their own homes. The best stylists in the world can do both, thus we teamed up with world-renowned artists Laurent Philippon and Scotty Cunha to dispense their wisdom about how to create both a runway and red carpet-ready version of our most beloved hairstyles. During New York Fashion Week, the dynamic duo took their expertise on the road for our latest Mane University class in the Big Apple. mane-university-nyc-scott-laurent Parisian-born Laurent launched his career almost three decades ago and now holds the coveted title as Global Artistic Director at Bumble and bumble. He’s worked with notable photographers including David LaChapelle and Ellen Von Unwerth during his tenure as one of the world’s most revered hairstylists. And his schedule was jampacked during NYFW, as he created the hair for Zadig & Voltaire, Gypsy Sport, Lacoste, Club Monaco, and countless others for the Fall 2017 season. Two visions around the same subject were what intrigued Laurent most about the day’s class. “My world is the fashion world which is here to bring a type of poetry through makeup, hair, and garment,” he revealed. “Scotty’s world is one that also makes everyone dream, but is a bit more grounded and connected to reality. These are both so good. When you’re a young hairstylist and you’re looking to create your own style, you’re inspired by who you assist and other great stylists. That’s how it was for me. If I can transmit a hint of that passion, I would consider this entire day a success.”


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Scotty is a master at the effortless chic looks that his clients including the Kardashian-Jenner sisters, Kristin Cavallari, Diane Kruger, and Padma Lakshmi cannot get enough of. He honed his skills at the Paul Mitchell School in Rhode Island and still has a chair at the famed Andy LeCompte salon in L.A., when he’s not jetsetting around the world and catering to his A-list clientele. He was so thrilled to be teaching another Mane University class. “It’s so amazing for students to be able to sit with us, be with us, and learn from us,” he stated of the session. “They get to see our personalities as well, so that’s really fun. We can be ourselves and it’s a pretty laidback environment, so people aren’t nervous or afraid to ask questions. Everyone is excited to learn because it isn’t as rigid as school.” mane-university-nyc-xxl-hair Last Friday, Laurent and Scott demonstrated how to get both runway and red carpet-perfect hair with one common theme between both of their looks: XXL. It was all about big and bold looks that would get a woman noticed, whether she’s strutting down the catwalk or posing for the paparazzi at a movie premiere. The former took the lead on the high-fashion hairstyles, while the latter flexed his prowess with the red carpet tresses. The Mane Masters also dished on hilarious anecdotes about spending time at an incredible Punta Mita house that is a celeb go-to, their mutual love and respect for Beyoncé, and how they got their starts in the industry. The jampacked session lasted six hours and featured three vignettes of the extra extra large theme: updos, braids, and long and flowing locks. mane-university-nyc-xxl-hair-1 Supported by Bumble and bumble’s lusted-after hair products and Dyson’s Supersonic Hair Dryer, Laurent and Scott walked the stylists in the audience through each look that they were able to create in less than an hour. Laurent’s first look was a knotted updo that took runway hair to all new heights. Yaki hair was interwoven in both bold shades and those that matched the models’ brunette tresses for a statement-making style, befitting of the world’s most avant-garde designer. “Hair-wise, designers are being very safe right now because they want to connect to the everyday woman,” Laurent divulged of the class’s theme. “But that isn’t the case for everyone. Most of the major houses and smaller brands that don’t have commercial barriers yet are stepping outside of the box. There is still a lot of poetry and beauty in it all for brands like Thom Browne and Comme des Garçons. It’s almost like theater.” Scott matched that updo theme with a look that utilized unseen pins for the ultimate in effortless glamour. And it’s a style he relies on quite often now that there is literally a red carpet event every night in LA. “I was just talking to Kristin [Cavallari] about how big her red carpet hair has been during awards season,” he admitted. “These are big moments for us both. We’re coming up with these looks together and next up are the Oscars. What are we going to do? I’m so stressed because it has to be the most major of them all. It’s fun, but it’s also stressful. You have to keep up.”


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Next up was the duo’s take on braids. Laurent played on a tried-and-true box braid technique from West Africa, which he used earlier in the week at the Gypsy Sport show. Scott was inspired by Beyoncé’s signature braided ponytail and thus created a more pared-down style. Last up were long and flowing locks that Laurent and Scott achieved with shiny and voluminous hair. Laurent’s spin was his twist on those classic, pinup girl waves, while Scott gave his model the kind of curls that will automatically land anyone atop the Best Dressed list. mane-university-scott-laurent-slip

Mane University New York City was a total hit! The students in the audience peppered in their questions to Laurent and Scott, while also taking time for advice and the requisite selfies during the session’s breaks. Each walked away with a copy of Laurent’s book Hair: Fashion and Fantasy, a Mane Addicts sticker and notebook, and a logo tote bag filled with the season’s hottest Bumble and bumble products and a slip sleep mask for some much-needed snoozing once the chaos of Fashion Month is over.

Missed Mane University New York City? Be sure to check out our list of exciting upcoming MU events! Don’t see your city on our list? Contact [email protected] and tell us where we should head next!!!

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