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Hailing from Bocz Salon in Seattle, Nanealani is an editorial stylist with a serious eye for effortless texture. Having assisted mane greats like James Pecis and Rolando Beauchamp at NYFW, it’s no surprise this Mane Master-in-training makes investing in her education a top(knot) priority. After joining us for our extension master class with Priscilla Valles & Sarah Conner AND our chic styling session with Jen Atkin & Adir Abergel, keep scrolling to hear how she became inspired to become an expert extensionist and just how a little mane motivation can go a long way…

Nanealani MU Student

How has attending Mane University affected your business?

Attending Mane University has opened up my creativity, and inspired me to become a better artist behind the chair as well as behind the camera.  It has definitely helped build my clientele, my clients LOVE hearing about my editorial, educational stories.  I took the extension class taught by Priscilla Valles and Sarah Conner and I have to say, that class blew my mind about hair extensions!!!

Nanealani MU Quote

Before I took the class, I wasn’t really interested in extensions because I’ve seen some less than great work, but when I saw these hair extension masters in action, it completely changed my world.  Working Fashion Week and attending these classes have helped me so much that because of them, I was able to increase my styling rates. Learning techniques about hairstyles that I always wondered about blew my mind and the floodgates opened. I’m obsessed!

How has Mane University helped you become a more successful stylist?

Learning new techniques and styles has always made me feel more prosperous and successful as a stylist.  You should never stop learning, hair education is always a must. It will always make you feel more successful no matter how many years you have under your belt.

Nanealani MU Student

What was your favorite technique you learned from the classes you’ve attended? 

Priscilla’s extension technique was incredible, I have never seen such a clean, precise application before. And watching how Sarah colored the roots of the tape-in extensions and her technique for sew-in extensions, again, I have never seen a technique like that and it completely inspired me! As for the styling class taught by Jen Atkin and Adir Abergel with Mark Townsend, EVERYTHING in that class was my favorite, absolutely obsessed!

Nanealani MU Quote

What do you love about Mane University?!

What inspires me most about Mane University is the support, motivation and push we get to make all of us hairstylists more successful. The fact that these artist share their knowledge and success is so great, it makes me so excited to attend another class! To be in the same mindset as such successful and positive role models is something you don’t get to experience all the time, and I think it is absolutely amazing. I have definitely shared my stories and inspirations with fellow stylists and I ALWAYS recommend MU classes because it truly is a great experience.

Nanealani MU Student


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