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Get ready to give some shine to our latest star student, Amoryn Desousa, a badass babe straight outta Redlands, CA! A color expert by trade, but don’t be fooled, this chick makes specializing look simple! Performing everything from cut & color, to editorial braids and even extensions, Amoryn is a one-stop shop on the train to manespiration magic! Find out how Amoryn empowers her fellow stylists and discover her number one takeaway from attending MU…
Mane University Student Amoryn Desousa

How has attending Mane University affected your business?

Mane University has helped me enhance my work ethic on such a positive level. One of the classes I attended was with Tracy Cunningham, whose work I have admired for many years. During Tracey’s class, I gained the knowledge and confidence I needed to better explain the process of hair color to my clients and what it might take to achieve the desired look.

Mane University Student Amoryn Desousa

Prior to the class, I would stress myself out trying to do a crazy makeover in a 2-3 hour appointment rather than letting the client know it’s all a process and it may take more than one session. I feel so much more confident now with my consultations and communication with clients and I’m not afraid to encourage realistic expectations.

How has Mane University helped you become a more successful stylist?

Attending MU has influenced my success as a stylist by giving me the opportunity to take part in classes taught by extraordinarily talented celebrity, editorial, behind the hair artists, whose work I admire and appreciate so much. The stylists at Mane University are at the forefront of hair fashion. My clients love to hear about the classes I attend, and to say I’ve attended MU is just like saying I’ve attended Vidal Sassoon! (Having attended both, I totally feel equally as proud to say I’ve taken classes with Mane Addicts – it’s all about the bragging rights!!!)

Mane University Student Amoryn Desousa

What was your favorite technique you learned from the classes you’ve attended? 

One of the things I’ve taken away from MU is how to empower those around me, the example that I see Mane Addicts convey is to lift each other up by encouraging one another with education and support. Success isn’t just yourself but those around you too.

Mane University Student Amoryn Desousa

Jen Atkin is so inspirational; she’s a great role model for any stylist. Her work is motivational and her creativity and success is beyond influential. My dream is to become an editorial/celebrity stylist and attending MU makes me feel closer to the dream and gives me a peek at what that might look like. Whether it happens or not, it’s so cool to experience a class taught by people who are where I’d like to be one day in my career/lifestyle as a hairstylist.

Mane University Student Amoryn Desousa

What do you love about Mane University?!

Mane University inspires me to be a better stylist and fellow hairstylist. I’ve learned new ways of hair techniques and advice on business and social media. I will always recommend MU for the exceptional education and fun experience that Mane Addicts has to offer. Mane University is ahead of the hair game and attending their classes will raise clout for any stylist, and also give them the knowledge needed to strengthen their credibility and to be the best at what they ‘hair-do’ 🙂

Mane University Student Amoryn Desousa

If you’re itching for even more MU #manespiration, be sure to follow Amoryn & Mane University!

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