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Turning our student spotlight over to Saratoga, CA, say hello to another one of our aspiring Mane Masters, Linda Vo! As an expert extensionista with over 15 years of experience in the beauty biz, keep scrolling to find out the insider tips this Cali girl found invaluable and which extension method she was too scared to try till she met her match at Mane U!
Linda Vo Priscilla Valles Mane University LA

How has attending Mane University affected your business?

I attended Mane University’s first extension workshop with Priscilla Valles, Sarah Conner and supermodel Chrissy Teigen, and there I learned their secrets and techniques for creating a successful business and brand. Priscilla and Sarah both had unique skills that helped me with my own extension business.

I was already using some of their techniques but I learned some of their tricks and skills which added value and contributed to my education. Of course, having Chrissy there as a model was also a wonderful highlight!!

Linda Vo Mane University

Has Mane University helped you become a more successful stylist?

I’m usually comfortable using tape-in and beads/locs extension techniques but I was always hesitant to try the keratin method until I saw how easily Priscilla did it. It was great to watch her do a model’s entire head from start to finish and to be able to get up close instead of just watching from my chair I learned a lot from that because now I know step-by-step exactly how Priscilla does it and it helped me become more fearless in trying the technique.  

Linda Vo Mane University

On the other hand, Sarah taught me how to organize the removal of the tape-in extensions by clipping each section you take out and by numbering it and soaking it in soap to be prepped for re-taping. That was the trick that helped me stay organized with replacing them. She also taught me how to attach and sew-in extension wefts using a beading system which is less straining for the clients scalp. 

Learning all these techniques has helped my business grow because I’ve learned new and different ways to do extensions. With these new tools, I’ve been able to suggest and cocktail more specifically to each of my clients’ needs. 

Linda Vo Mane University

What was your favorite technique you learned from attending Mane University?

My overall most valuable takeaway from both Mane Masters is to never say no to a client and to try to accommodate what you can. We are never too good to say no in this industry. It keeps us valuable to the client. I feel like my success is due to this philosophy for hairdressers. It’s always rewarding to make someone feel beautiful!

Linda Vo Mane University

What do you love about Mane University?!

Everyone from Priscilla and Sarah, to Chrissy and Jen were really cool and humble to be around. I felt like I could ask questions and not feel like an idiot and if any of us were too scared to ask, Jen came right in and asked all the questions for us!  I really felt I learned a lot from my class at MU and I look forward to attending more like this!

Linda Vo Sarah Conner Mane University LA

Check out Linda Vo for more #manespiration and don’t forget to follow Mane University so you’re the FIRST to know when we announce our next round of classes!

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