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The ultimate talent in creative color, Rebecca Forsyth traveled 1,000+ miles to attend our monochromatic color session with Danny Moon & Aura Friedman! Since attending, she brought everything she learned back home to her salon in Omaha, Nebraska, and we’re SO not surprised she’s taking (client) names and kicking a$$!!! With a lethal combination of mane ambition and an insatiable thirst for hair knowledge, find out why Rebecca refuses to put a price on a high-quality education…

Mane University Dean's ListHow has attending Mane University affected your business?

 Mane University has impacted me very positively—with celebrity stylists becoming more and more accessible via Instagram and the like, my clients were super intrigued to hear that I was learning from names they’d heard before, from individuals with star-studded client lists.

In our salon, education is the one and only thing that warrants a price increase—you must provide a more valuable service before you can provide a more expensive service—and honestly, attending Mane University made me feel more valuable. It’s so motivating and inspiring to watch the working practices of people at the pinnacle of our industry, to see that they’re behind the chair doing the same thing I’m doing every day.

Mane University Dean's List Rebecca ForsythThe suggestions and tips Danny and Aura provided in my session have been remarkably helpful. I’m an education fiend and it’s not uncommon to come away from class with a lot of information that’s not going to do much good on a day-to-day basis, but I left my Mane University session with pages and pages of notes that I was able to apply the very next day in the salon. The Mane University formula is very powerful—our clients are looking to the internet, seeking replicas of work done by celebrity stylists, and Mane University gives us the opportunity to see just how that work is created.

Has Mane University helped you become a more successful stylist?  

Mane University has reminded me that I have control as both a hair colorist and an artist to make whatever I’d like. Attending a class without any color/product company sales agenda behind it is an incredible thing—it really reminded me that I have the power to be the ‘beauty authority’ for my clients. At the end of the day, confidence in your own work and ability is always going to build trust with your clients, which has certainly made me more successful.

Mane University Dean's List

What was your favorite memory or technique you learned from attending? 

There were a lot of great moments, it was very cool and unexpected to see Sal Salcedo of Ramirez Tran Salon styling the models during the class—Sal’s method of waving hair is often requested in my chair, so it was wonderful to be able to ask questions of the man himself. I look at Wella’s Relights line differently thanks to Aura, and because of Daniel, we now keep our direct dyes in mason jars at the salon, which not only cuts down on waste and is visually appealing to our clients, but also inspires me to slow down and really open my mind to the scores of tone-possibilities there are within those jars.

Mane University Dean's List Rebecca Forsyth

What do you love about Mane University?!

There’s little more inspiring than the ability to have a dialogue about my favorite thing on this earth, hair color, with some of the greatest artists of the moment. The fact that Mane University makes that possible is inspiring in and of itself.

I traveled 1,500 miles for my Mane University class and it was worth every penny. You really can’t put a price on such a unique educational experience. Learning from masters of this caliber in such an intimate environment isn’t an opportunity that comes around often.

Mane University Dean's ListJoin us at Mane University to see what all the buzz is about + follow Rebecca Forsyth for more manespiration.

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