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Since attending Mane University with Jen Atkin & Adir Abergel, Priscilla Valles & Sarah Conner, Chris Appleton & Harry Josh, Tracey Cunningham, AND hanging with us at our latest Beauty Retreat to Hawaii, to say Raluca Ward is a certified MU groupie would be an understatement!!! The stylist & colorist and self-proclaimed education junkie  from San Antonio is ready to divulge the inside scoop on what it’s like to be part of the MU family. To find out her essential tips and takeaways from class, just keep scrolling…

How has attending Mane University affected your business?

Attending Mane University has helped my business tremendously! I was able to raise my prices because my work got so much better. I am able to address each client’s desire without getting overwhelmed because I learned so much from the top hairstylists in the business. I’ve started showcasing my work on Instagram, which opened up a whole new way to reach clients and I am now able to do that because I am so proud of how my craft has grown. My highlighting/balayage/hairpainting has also gotten so much better because I was able to implement all the little tricks I received so far from attending the classes!

Mane University Dean's List Raluca Ward

Has Mane University helped you become a more successful stylist?  

Yes, absolutely! Attending Mane University classes has made me much more confident in my craft. I am now able to apply the tips and tricks I learned and I get amazing results!!! I am still growing and learning because our industry is constantly changing, but the education I have invested in has given me so much more in return. I see that with every class I take I become more confident, and therefore more successful. I am so thankful for the amazing Mane University! Where else can you meet such inspiring, amazingly talented, and hardworking celebrity hairstylists in one place?!  

What was your favorite memory or technique you learned from attending? 

It’s hard to just choose one because I have a lot of little things I cherish from each class. Something that I really think is so important is that Mane University makes everyone feel like they belong! In fact even the celebrity are so down to earth and relatable that it made it easy to feel like you can ask them anything. Any tips, tricks, ups and downs they have faced so far in their career…I think that is so important to feel like you are part of the group and to feel like your future success is important to them.

Mane University Dean's List Raluca Ward

What do you love about Mane University?!

I love that the classes are fresh, and never the same. That every class I take I’m ready to soak every bit of knowledge the class has to offer. I know that when I return to my salon I will be inspired and I love that Mane University takes care of the stylists that come from all over the world and makes them feel like family. 

Would you recommend other stylists attend Mane University?

I absolutely recommend Mane University to my fellow stylists! I think that there is no better investment then investing in your education. You get to meet so many amazing stylists that have worked so hard to be where they are today.  

Mane University Dean's List Raluca Ward

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