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DEAN’S LIST: Meet the Extension Master and Stylist from Ontario Canada

Natasha Steip, our OG MU groupie from Ontario Canada, is a mover, shaker, and major risk-taker when it comes to styling chic strands. After attending our extension workshop in Chi-town with Priscilla Valles & Sarah Conner, AND two of our style sessions with Jen Atkin & Adir Abergel in LA, and Chris Appleton & Harry Josh in NYC, Natasha is the definition of a Mane U grad! To hear how her business has changed for the better and all about her newfound love of product, read on!

How has attending Mane University affected your business?

It has  helped me in switching up some client’s styles, and to learn how the stylists do what they do to help me replicate the photos my clients bring in to me. People are excited to hear what I’m up to next and for me to play with their hair!

Mane University Dean's List Natasha Steip

Has Mane University helped you become a more successful stylist?

Definitely! MU has made me excited to learn again and practice. It has also taught me all the hard work that went into everyone’s career and to keep working hard to reach my goals. 

What was your favorite memory or technique you learned from attending? 

Product is everything! I realized I don’t use enough! In the extension class, Sarah Connor taught me a new way to do extensions I had never even heard of!!!

Mane University Dean's List Natasha Steip

What do you love about Mane University?

It’s people that have by definition “made it” teaching you in such a fun, easygoing way. These educators have been in all aspects of the career and it’s great learning a little from everything to round out my education as a stylist. 

Would you recommend other stylists attend Mane University?

100%! I brought one of my co-workers to class with me AND not to mention the events are always in great cities so I like to make a trip out of it as well!!

Mane University Dean's List Natasha Steip

For more manespiration and career motivation, follow Natasha + Mane University!

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