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How to Create Jen Atkin’s Iconic Old Hollywood Waves & Heather Chapman’s Rope Braid

When 200 eager students from around the world gather in one auditorium, it’s easy to conclude that they share the belief that the person you’ll be in five years largely depends on the information you feed your mind today. And thus they fed their mind with a priceless Mane University San Francisco education provided by leading mane masters, Jen Aktin and Heather Chapman.


‘If I’m not growing I’m standing still. Education keeps me inspired and challenged’ shares class attendee Astacia Christenson a flourishing professional from Bend, Oregon. While this was her first Mane U, she was able to take away much more than she anticipated. From upgrading her wave game with the proper prep à la Jen Atkin, to Heather’s insta-worthy picture secrets, to her new fav quote to live by as said by Jen, “No one is going to root for you the way you root for yourself”–Astacia gained valuable knowledge and insight attending the class. 

The intimate Mane University San Francisco styling session consisted of six chic AF demos in an open question/answer format. The styles were all about trendy, in-demand looks for salon and editorial stylists alike. Jen and Heather collaborated seamlessly on translating three trends in their own light, including Jen’s take on old-school hollywood glam and Heather’s classic rope braid with a twist. Below, see the full how-to breakdowns for two of the looks demoed at Mane University!



  1. Prepped the hair with MarulaOil Rare Oil Perfecting Hair Spray
  2. Created a side part by lining the part at the highest part of the brow
  3. Added in clip-in extensions by backcombing the anchoring hair and clipping in at an angle.
  4. Blended the exentions with Rita Hazan Root Concealer
  5. Sprayed OUAI texturing spray to the Beauty Works extensions
  6. Used a 1’’ Neuro Unclipped iron and pinned the curls closely to the head
  7. Sprayed Paul Mitchell’s Hold Me Tight Finishing Spray all over and used a diffuser towards the curls
  8. Took the pins out starting from the bottom and brushed out with a paddle comb
  9. Sprayed paddle brush with Paul Mitchell Worked Up Working Spray and backcombed in sections for fullness
  10. Sprayed the look with MarulaOil Light Rare Oil Dry Mist on the ends for gloss
  11. Took a toothbrush around the hairline for a clean detail
  12. Used a 1 ½’’ Paul Mitchell Express Gold Curl on the hairline to create smoothness
  13. Sprayed her hand withMarulaOil Rare Oil Perfecting Hair Spray to smooth the hair
  14. Added bobby pins close to the front of the hair to create a wave pattern
  15. Adorned with Chloe and Isabel x Jen Atkin pearl pins

Heather Chapman Rope Braid Mane University San Francisco


  1. Prepped the hair with Paul Mitchell Neon Sugar Confection Working Spray
  2. Rope braided two sections twisted toward the face then wrapped around the face
  3. Added OUAI Dry Shampoo around the hairline
  4. Pulled out the braids to add fullness
  5. Secured with a silver rope
  6. Sprayed Paul Mitchell’s Hold Me Tight Finishing Spray all over
  7. Grabbed one of the ends of the rope braid, twisted, tucked and pinned at the nape of the neck
  8. Sprayed Paul Mitchell Extra Body Firm Finishing Spray to the pinned pieces
  9. Secured the nape of the hair with Fromm bobby pins going in and down
  10. Sprayed Paul Mitchell Spray Wax all over
  11. Took a blush brush and sprayed with Paul Mitchell’s Hold Me Tight Finishing Spray for flyaways

Mane University San francisco

The other looks included the infamous bubble pony, a fishtail chignon, effortless waves, and a dutch fishtail. Mane University San Francisco was one for the books! Each student walked away with Mane Addicts stickers and notebook, and a logo tote bag filled with the season’s hottest John Paul Mitchell Systems products, OUAI Wave Spray and Slip Silk sleep masks for some much-needed snoozing when they’re not busy building their empire.

Missed Mane University San Francisco? Be sure to check out our list of exciting upcoming MU events! Don’t see your city on our list? Contact [email protected] and tell us where we should head next!!!

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