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MANE UNIVERSITY: A Styling Seminar with Harry Josh & Chris Appleton

Mane University NYC

Say hello to sexy waves and edgy braids! Last weekend at the incredibly beautiful and chic DreamDry Salon, Mane Masters Harry Josh and Chris Appleton absolutely stunned our students with some of their signature red carpet and editorial looks. And trust us when we say the manes were so breathtakingly gorgeous, we’re still shaking the stars from our eyes!

Harry Josh Pro Tools

The master behind the manes of countless celebrities, actresses, and just about every VS angel under the sun, Harry Josh wowed us with his step-by-step tutorial on creating his trademark timeless Hollywood waves. Harry then took it a step further by sharing with the class just how to build on those soft curls to transform them into an edgier look; the infamous and effortless “I woke up like this” bedhead waves.

Harry Josh Mane University NYC

Ever the versatile stylist, for his final look, Harry coiled our model’s curly mane into a gorgeous Grecian updo with ever-so-elegant tendrils that had us drooling!

Chris Appleton, the artist responsible for Rita Ora’s jaw-dropping hair creations, took to the stage for the second half of our styling session and demonstrated some of the most dynamite, modern looks we’ve seen this season! From flirty 1940’s waves with a deep side part, to an intricate braided updo adorned with gold thread, we thought we’d seen it all till he whipped out a full-on dominatrix pony!

John Frieda

Chris sent our seminar out with a bang as he used a dramatic hairpiece to create voluminous, textured waves as a not-so-subtle nod to Studio 54!

Chris  Appleton Mane University NYC

Utilizing John Frieda’s game-changing and luxurious hair care to create some truly inspired transformational tresses, these Mane Masters also divulged the importance of maintaining and nourishing those manes with the help of our favorite Rapunzel vitamin, Viviscal Professional. It’s safe to say our mane men not only provided their tricks of the trade, but also the tools you need to make it happen!

Viviscal Professional

Covering their coveted techniques like pro tips for the perfect braids, creating a cohesive curl pattern, and maybe most importantly, how to push your career to that next level, our students took home notebooks filled to the brim with insider tricks of the trade as well as the secrets to styling success!Mane University NYC

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