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Bad Blood’s Top 10 Hair Moments

Taylor Swift’s highly anticipated music video for her single ‘Bad Blood’ debuted just weeks ago during the Billboard Music awards and broke the VEVO 24-hour viewing record only days later. Aside from the obvious – the major amount of celebrity #girlpower appearances, there were also a fair share of manespiring moments throughout the video. Here are our top 10 picks;

selena gomez bad blood

1. It’s been a few years since we’ve seen Selena Gomez with bob and bangs, and she’s grown up a lot since then. As the story’s villain, Arsyn, she channeled her inner Mia Wallace.

gigi hadid bad blood

2. Gigi Hadid slayed as Slay-Z in a high pony fit for the catwalk.

cara delevingne half cornrows

3. Cara Delevingne looked fierce, as always, in her infamous half-cornrows

lily aldridge bad blood

4. Lily Aldrigde appeared angelic styled in long soft curls with a white fur hood.

homeslice bad blood

5. Martha Hunt was flawlessly modern in her long sleek pigtails with wrapped elastics.

ellen pompeo bad blood

6. Ellen Pompeo looked nothing like Meredith in a sleek double pony with metallic accents.

cindy crawford bad blood

7. Cindy Crawford looked every part the domineering matriarch with her long waves curled back away from her face.

taylor swift bad blood

8. Taylor Swift’s slicked her hair down and back and tucked it into a tight vintage back roll.

taylor swift bad blood

9. Later, Taylor mirrored Martha Hunt with long low side-ponytail braid as she effortlessly breaks through a wall.

taylor swift bad blood red

10. And for the finale? Tasked with topping the rest of the looks throughout the video, Taylor is goes red. Straight fire.

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