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Bangs for Every Face Shape

If you’re hesitant to jump on the ever-popular lob train, bangs are a fun and flattering way to switch up your look, without making a drastic transformation. But before you rush to the salon, (pro tip: avoid the DIY route for the initial cut), it’s important to research which bangs look best on you! To help, we’ve put together our tips and broken down the best fringe for your face shape, below.



Although Emma Stone may be a chameleon when it comes to hair color, we rarely catch the starlet without bangs to accompany her ever changing ‘do. For those of you with round faces, (soft angles with full, wide cheeks), wispy bangs are a great style to try. Keep them long and side swept to elongate and slim the face, and also define your cheekbones.



Square faces have an equal width and height with a defined jawline, so try long, eye-grazing bangs. They should be wispy like Olivia Wilde’s, rather than super blunt to avoid making your face look boxier.



For you gals with heart shaped faces, like Reese Witherspoon, thinner, side swept bangs will draw the attention up from you’re pointed chin, without overly highlighting your forehead. Keep most of the pieces eyebrow length to accentuate your cheekbones.



If you’re lucky enough to be oval-faced like Lea Michele, you can wear almost any type of bangs! An oval face has a forehead that is just slightly wider than the chin, a rounded jawline, and is longer than it is wide. Since your face shape is so versatile, go bold with a thick, lash grazing fringe that makes a major statement.


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