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MANESPIRATION: Cold Weather Hair

With sub zero temperatures looming around the country we thought you might like a little cold weather hair inspo to brighten your day!

The bent wave is definitely not just for summer [or SoCal] and it can be the simplest way to get that carefree Parisian chic style [a la Caroline de Maigret]. Simply let your locks dry naturally with the help of a texturizing spray [and if you’re hair is stick straight throw in a few random bends], then tuck into your collar or scarf for the day. As the day goes on it’ll only get better with more varying kinks and curls. By the end of the day you’ll be ready to pull it out of the scarf, run your fingers through, and add a little Macadamia Oil Detailing Cream for definition and texture.


  • Mist hair generously with sea salt spray so that it is slightly damp. Then twist hair into two buns at the nape of your neck, pin into place and let dry over night or for a few hours in the morning while you get ready. Once dry, remove the pins and viola! You are effortlessly ready!
  • Lightly spray a flexible hairspray into hair to create texture and memory. Then loosely create random braids through the hair, (a chunky french braid can be nice). Hit hair with the blowdryer really quick or run a flat iron over the braids. Let hair cool for 15 minutes, then release, add volume spray, and scrunch with fingers to create movement.


  • Be sure to condition hair regularly to avoid the dryness that comes from frigid temperatures. We suggest a weekly deep conditioning treatment. Our favorite? Davines NouNou Pak.
  • Use a leave in conditioner or treatment after every wash to seal in moisture and prevent damage (leave in conditioners are like sunscreens for the hair!). We suggest Davines Oi All In One Leave In Milk.
  • Avoid heat styling as it can only further dry the strands.
  • Wash hair less often as the scalp produces less sebum in winter.

Do you have a favorite way to wear your hair in harsh weather? Let us know in the comments!

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