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MANESPIRATION: Emily Weiss’ Extension Makeover by Priscilla Valles

When it comes to hair, we all want what we can’t have. Short girl’s miss their long locks, long haired girls envy the short, curly the straight, and so forth. Well thanks to amazingly talented artists, like LA’s celebrity secret weapon, extension master Priscilla Valles, girls can reach their hair goals in a moment’s notice.

As a hair extension virgin, Emily Weiss, Founder & CEO of Glossier let us in on her hair secrets, woes, and transformation as Valles turned her wispy short bob into covetable model off duty locks…

I haven’t had long hair in six years. One day I started cutting it short and never stopped, until it just got too short, finally, and I started to feel kind of down about it and wanted a change. I love the resurgence of middle parted, vaguely seventies hair with a little bend in in. My boyfriend was actually the one who suggested extensions, and when I heard Priscilla (Valles) was game to do a makeover, I jumped right in. She gave me the individual keratin bonds–what seems like hundreds of them. The whole thing took about six hours and we added 16″ of shiny, vaguely ombré-d length. She is truly a magician; so detail-oriented, and she takes such pride in her work. We had a blast, watching the Grammy’s and drinking beer.

Who/what is your biggest hair inspiration?

That is always changing. But currently, I’d say Lily Aldridge. I love her caramel-y color by Tracey Cunningham, and I love the center part with that very sleek shiny sheath of hair coming down, and just the little bend in the front. Rosie Huntington also has that look. I don’t want Victoria’s Secret volume, I want more of a lanky languid look. I started following Jen (Atkin’s) Instagram a few months ago and she’s a master of that look. 

How do they feel?

Kind of weird, I’m not going to lie! It’s been a week and now I’m pretty used to it, but at first, I had trouble sleeping. After two washes though they’re really comfortable. I think I’m addicted now. If the upkeep doesn’t drive me nuts, I think I’m going to get extensions again in 2-3 months!

For Weiss’ transformation, Valles opted for individual keratin extensions explaining, “individual keratin is the most expensive form but when applied properly with clean perfect sections, it provides the most couture look.  It allows you to pull your hair up in tight bun without noticing the extensions.”

What is your biggest hair ‘problem’?

At the moment, learning how to use styling tools! Jen literally had to teach me how to use a flat iron when she cut and styled by new extensions. I am a full-grown woman learning how to use a curling iron, a flat iron, a paddle brush for the very first time. Pretty funny. 

What are your go-to hair styling products?

Kim Kardashian recommended her new Kardashian Beauty Take 2 Dry Conditioner to me and it’s really great, as is their flat iron. I’m still figuring out what products to use with the new hair honestly. L’Oréal Elnett is still the best hairspray in the world; it brushes out beautifully. 

Thinking of getting extensions yourself but scared of the ‘stress’ it can put on your hair? Fret not, as Valles explains, “With the proper type of extensions for your hair and a precise application, you should have less stress on your hair.  Simply put, extensions give you the luxury to have perfect to near perfect hair at all times without a whole lot of effort.  For example, you do not need to apply products or heat to get your hair to look good, which in turn is less stress and damage on your own hair!  So not only does it look good in a substantially short amount of time, its less damage and distress on your hair.”

For more information about hair styling and extensions, be sure to check back in to Mane Addicts for our upcoming stories.

Be sure to follow along with Weiss and her amazing new line of skincare prodducts at Glossier.

‘After’ Photos by Tom Newton.

Extensions by Priscilla Valles.

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