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Four Fall Looks You Can Wear For Spring

Our recent roundup of celebrity hair makeovers only further proves that the lob has taken over Hollywood, but on runways around the world last fashion month, longer tresses stole the spotlight! Dubbed ‘the season of flat hair’, the structured styles of fashion weeks past gave way to easy, lived-in looks that are begging to be worn as we head into the spring season.


A tried and true style we can all get behind, carefree waves were spotted everywhere from Anna Sui to Chloe. The classic look got a bohemian update with middle parts and curls that resembled a more natural bend, amplifying their bohemian style. Try an oval curling wand, like the GHD Curve Classic Wave Wand, to get the look at home!


Curly haired gals rejoice! Baby hairs are having a moment this season thanks to Ricardo Tisci’s “Chola Victorian” inspired Givenchy line for A/W 2015. Championed by stars like FKA Twigs, Katy Perry and Rihanna, the look can be work dressed up with a feminine updo, or be worn more casually with athletic braids.

Styling tip: Use Moroccanoil Styling Gel and the end of a rat tail comb to scuplt the curls into place.


A red carpet favorite as of late, ‘wet hair’ got an extreme makeover via Alexander Wang this season. Instead of slicked back, the wet hair was perfectly mussed with just the right amount of stringy texture. While Wang’s approach is heavier and darker than the way this trend is typically styled, we love the idea of contrasting spring’s pastels and florals with a grungier ‘do. We suggest liberally applying Redken’s Diamond Oil Shatterproof Shine Intense throughout hair, focusing on bangs and the top of your head, to achieve maximum shine.


Sleek high ponytails were ousted this season in favor of nape grazing styles with slightly waved ends. Accompanied by a deep or middle side part, the fuss-free look is slightly disheveled, yet still polished (similar to the look we covered from Victoria Beckham’s A/W show). This can be worn smooth like the romantic look at Alberta Feretti, or with added texture like the models from Lela Rose.


So we want to know- which of these will you be wearing this spring?


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