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MANESPIRATION: Lucy Hale Gets Sultry for V Mag

Lucy Hale for V Mag Lucy Hale wants you to see her sultry side in her dark, steamy photo shoot for V Magazine. Though the brunette beauty is scantily clad in just lingerie, it’s her enviable mane that steals the spotlight in this sexy spread. Lucy Hale for V Mag, Kristen Ess “I was really excited to do something a lot more grown up and show a different side of me,” she said about the racy shoot on VMagazine.com. Lucy Hale for V Mag, Kristen Ess We’re drooling over her untamed, incredibly chic lob, styled by Mane Master Kristen Ess. Lucy’s perfectly tousled texture only accentuates her cool girl style. Lucy Hale for V Mag, Kristen Ess

While we love her newly debuted sun-kissed color, her signature brunette tresses are giving us major manespiration for the Fall.


Want to try Lucy’s alluring hairstyle on for size? We rounded up everything you need to know to rock the lob for yourself!  To create Kristin’s dynamic texture at home, check out our How-To: 1 Bob, 4 Ways by Mane Master Harry Josh.

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