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MANESPIRATION: Madonna’s Daughter is Lavender-Locked For Stella McCartney Perfume Campaign

lavender hair lourdes leon madonna's daughter lola stella mccartney pop campaign

Lourdes Leon (“Lola”) is all grown up and It Girl AF—and she’s got the mane to prove it. In an outtake from Stella McCartney’s Pop Perfume Campaign and Lourdes’ first modeling gig, Lourdes is a lavender-locked mini Madonna. The designer revealed not-so-little Lola as the final addition to the campaign’s It Girl Gang, which also includes Amandla Sternberg, Claire Boucher aka Grimes, and Kenya Kinki-Jones. A proud Mama Madonna shared the above photo of her eldest daughter on Instagram, with the caption: “I miss this Beautiful Girl! Looking forward to seeing her very soon! ??????❤️❤️???????❣❣?????????????????❌”

By now, you know good and well we’re not ones to shy away from a pop of color, so to say we got mad love for Lourdes’ look would be a complete understatement. But make no mistake, Lourdes is no noob when it comes to untraditional hair hues. Yasss honey, believe it—her mane’s been green, silver, blue, and even gray! In the campaign, Lourdes is also seen wearing cornrow braids, and you know all about our obsession with those.

The 19-year-old University of Michigan student told Vogue, “I have a lot of people judging my every move. It’s important for me to not let it rule my life.” Lourdes, darling, we’d just like to say: You do you, because right now, you’re doing one helluva job at it. We can’t wait to see the evolution of Lourdes’ modeling career, but more so, the many stages of her mane. Keep scrolling to see pix from the Pop by Stella McCartney campaign.

Pop by Stella McCartney pink hair afro curls cornrow braids Lourdes Leon Madonna's daughter Grimes Amandla Stenberg

light lavender hair lourdes leon madonna's daughter pop by stella mccartney

cornrow braids lourdes leon pop by stella mccartney grimes pink hair

afro curls natural hair amandla stenberg pop by stella mccartney

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