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When it comes to the world of hair, mixed textured girls are often overlooked. Because every head of curly/mixed/natural hair is so different, it’s hard to find information about what is right for you. It’s often that headed to the salon can be a burden and you leave feeling like a poodle. Well we’ve rounded up some of the industry’s experts to take out the mystery so you can book your next appointment at the salon prepared.


Evie Johnson, Mizani Master artist who has worked on celebrity notables such as Tasha Smith, Trey Sognz, Laurie Ann Gibson, Chrisette Michelle, Debra L. Lee, and Deborah Cox.

“Knowing your curl type is the best way to take care of mixed textured hair. Understanding curl types is knowing the characteristics of how the hair acts and performs on a normal bases. Each curl pattern has its own unique function. The primary key to managing mixed textured hair is learning how these functions work. For example, someone who has excessively kinky and coily hair may often experience hair that is dry with very little moisture.  Someone with less curly and coily hair may not be as dry.  However, daily maintenance between the two patterns will often times be the same.

A great tip for managing mixed textured hair is to co-wash. This will allow mixed textured hair to stay moisturized, manageable, have more shine and volume. My personal recommendation for co-wash treatment is MIZANI True Textures Cleaning Cream.

If you have other preferences, I recommend sulfate free products. Sulfate free products have proven to be best practice for kinky textured hair. A rule of thumb and take away is that the less the hair lathers, the more moisturized the hair remains. MIZANI Supreme Oil Shampoo & Conditioner are amazing sulfate products to use for maintaining healthy, moisturized, textured hair.

When clients with highly textured hair visit the salon wanting a haircut, it is important for the stylists to know if the client’s hair is worn either straighten out or in a natural state. It is also highly important for clients to share with their hairstylist how their hair is cared for at home. Clients should mention the products they use, the frequency, along with both, positive and negative experiences they have after home treatments.”


Mezei Jefferson, Director of Education at SoftSheen –Carson

“Mixed textures need moisture to keep curls defined and soft, so [I recommend] regular steam treatments. Don’t use products that are too heavy because you don’t want to weigh your hair down. If curls need a little hold to keep the definition, then add a little gel to your favorite curl defining product.

Hydra Steam Moisturizing System will provide deep conditioning and moisture to kinky curls and the Defining Coil Cream will add definition and shine.

Curls should be cut the way they are worn usually. Meaning that if you wear your hair curly most of the time, have your stylist cut the hair while curly and with loose or no tension to ensure it isn’t cut too short. Curly hair should be cut so it looks even but it doesn’t have to be technically even. Sometimes technically even cuts on curly hair will cause the hair to look misshapen. If hair is warn smooth most of the time, hair should be blown out smooth prior to cutting so it will be even.”

Ursula Stephen, Celebrity Hairstylist and go-to hair girl for Rhianna, Kerry Washington, and Iggy Azalea.

“The best way to care for mixed textured hair is to keep it moisturized and tangle free. Use a product like Motions Hydrate My Curls Pudding and a wide tooth comb or paddle brush to separate curls. Motions Hydrate My Curls Pudding is one my of favorite products. It keeps the hair soft and manageable with lots of shine and moisture.

When going in for a cut, you should be very clear about the characteristics of your hair type. This way you can be sure your stylist will give you a cut that will work best for your hair type. Your stylist should know if your hair is prone to shrinkage and frizz prior to giving you a specific cut.”

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