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Solange NYFW Natural Hair

It’s bold and trendsetting celebs like Solange Knowles who really make us want to step our game up — especially during fashion week! The songstress is killing New York Fashion Week with her bold and unique style choices  — including her hairstyles. This fall, Solange is donning soft waves and bangs.


The singer was spotted looking like the ultimate cool girl at several shows and events including Prabal Gurung’s Spring 2016 Show and Refinery29’s #29Rooms NYFW event in Brooklyn.

Solange NYFW Natural Hair

The thing we love most about Solange’s NYFW look is that it’s both effortless as it is chic and both fun as it is stylish.

Solange NYFW Natural Hair

Of course, being the most versatile fashionista there is, Solange switched up her look for Zimmermann’s Spring 2016 show, rocking her natural afro.

What;s your favorite way to see Solange’s hair? Sound off in the comments!

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