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St. Vincent’s Hair by Pamela Neal

st vincent annie clark

Last year St. Vincent (Annie Clark), gained credit for having some of the most compelling releases of 2014, but Clark’s twisted, future-shock rock isn’t the only thing about her garnering attention. For Coachella 2015, she is on our list of must-see acts, and must-see manes with her head turning pastel washed platinum hair.

We tracked down her go-to hair stylist, Pamela Neil, who gushed, “working with her is a joy. She is a dream client – confident, beautiful, intelligent, daring and funny.” She went on to admit “Annie has impecable style, but is never too studied, so when it comes to her hair she is fully open for collaboration. What we do with it for events and shoots is usually a result of how her hair has arrived that day, what new things I want to try, and how much time we have!”

st vincent annie clark hair pamela neil

With her “naturally curly [hair], usually we work with her curls; but, she likes to change the color once in a while and is not afraid of trying ANYTHING!”

[Annie] generally does her own hair for concerts, which could be a variety of looks. If its longer, she may use a straightening iron to create hair that will move and flop around. If shorter, then [she uses] a small curling iron to define.”

st vincent annie clark hair pamela neil

Because her hair is curly, it “looks best when NOT freshly washed. [It’s] best for curly headed girls to apply a cream (such as Sachajuan Styling Cream or Davines Curl Cream) and allow it to dry naturally, then wear it for a few days without brushing!”

st vincent annie clark hair pamela neil

Be sure to catch St. Vincent Sunday April 12 and Sunday April 19 at Coachella and to follow her hair stylist @pamwiggy on Instagram.

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