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One Photographer’s Quest to Ditch Ombre This Summer…

Sunkissed summer ombre

Cat had been blonde for far too long. The local LA photographer, drowning in a sea of sunkissed summer blondes, decided despite the popular choice to sport ombre-approved locks for the summer season, it was time for a change.

Cut to Mane University educator and celeb stylist to the stars Sarah Conner! Conner is LA’s best kept secret when it comes to vibrant, cutting-edge color. From expert extensionist to mane master on the art of custom-color, Sarah works at the crème de la crème of Beverly Hills beauty hotspots, Meche Salon.

Rich brunette with blunt cut

Cat was lucky enough to snag some time in Sarah’s chair, and while she initially signed up for a simple summer color update, Meche stylist Joseph Orozco joined the glam squad and the rest is history! After suggesting a not-so-summery blunt cut to rid her of dead ends and an old dye job, we were already seeing stars! Sarah recommended to complement the cut, Cat had to commit. Embrace the blonde or channel your inner darkness and go for a full-bodied brunette! It’s no surprise Cat made the bold choice to go against the LA grain, and the results make for a nearly unrecognizable raven-haired beauty!

Color makeover by Sarah Conner

On Sarah’s inspiration for the new hue, she says, “When you’ve had sunkissed ends or a variation of ombre/sombre lived-in hair and you’re ready for a complete change, going all over dark is a refreshing alternative even if it is summer! For Cat, going dark transformed her hair into shiny richness that is an overall, chic look desirable for anytime of year!”

If you’re thinking of following in Cat’s footsteps, read on for Sarah’s pro tips to maintain that gorgeous new shade, “to maintain that shine, get color glosses in between base color root retouch appointments, which are needed roughly every 4-6 weeks. In-between glosses can also help you extend the needed maintenance to 6-8 weeks.”


For more manespiration, follow Sarah Conner & Joseph Orozco

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