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MANESPIRATION: Taraji P. Henson’s Purple Locks

It’s no doubt that actress Taraji P. Henson has been on our mane muse watch for some time now. Playing badass roles like Shug in Hustle & Flow, Lauren in Think like a man, and most recently Cookie Lyon in the hit show Empire. 

Taraji is always rocking inspirational looks, whether it’s her sleek and straight bob or her natural flowing curls (spotted on the cover of ALLURE this month!).

Henson is not only a beauty role model, but has also taken home countless awards on her performance. Already winning BET best actress and NAACP’s entertainer of the year in 2015, she is slaying the game.

taraji p henson purple hair

But, we do have to admit, this new look may just be our favorite. She debuted a new purple silver ombre on her Instagram this week, courtesy of celebrity stylist Marcia Hamilton. Praising her new look with the caption “Playing With Color,” Henson’s bright, stunning new strands were created with Pravana VIVIDS. 

taraji p henson purple hair

A blended violet melted into blue and silver, this new color scores major mane moment cred! 

Want the look? To recreate Henson’s stormy ombre, ask your stylist to use Pravana’s vibrant, long lasting colors. Marcia used VIVIDS blue, violet, and clear with VIVIDS Pastels in luscious lavender.

Want to know how to maintain these type of bold colors at home? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

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