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The Academy Awards are undoubtedly Hollywoods most glamorous night of the year. The last major award show and thus, the last major red carpet for us to ogle at A-list award winning coiffes. We’ve put together the best of the best annnnd the winner is….

the Lob


We think it’s safe to say the Lob is (still) the cut of the moment! The collarbone grazing lob was all over the red carpet with so many styling variations. From Naomi Watts’ beach waves by Jenny Cho, and Emma Stones Old Hollywood Glam by Mara Roszak, to sleek looks like we saw on Margot Robbie (styled by Renato Campora) and Nicole Kidman. And we can’t forget to mention Solange who stunned with her center parted deep set curls.



Romantic Waves

We love how America Ferrera (styled by Leonardo Manetti) and Reese Witherspoon (styled by Adir Abergel) opted to keep their long flowing curls off the face with slick roots, full volume, and shine through the ends. Whereas soon to be new mom, Kiera Knightly, looked radiant with her loose curls pulled forward to frame her face (styled by Ben Skervin).


Short & Sleek

Rita Ora stunned on the red carpet with her slick Edie Sedgwick side part and Scarlett Johansson wowed us with a super edgy slick back style and shaved sides.

the Pony

The Pony

The perfect go-to style when you wake up to grey skies and the forecast predicts as 60% chance of rain; these three beautiful women all arrived with picture perfect ponies. We particularly loved Jenna Dewan Tatums super sleek and elegant center part and low pony by Derek Peter.

the Up-DO

The Up-Do

While it seems many stars have given up on the classic up-do, these three proved that contrary to what many believe, the up-do is not a lost art. Anna Kendrick looked flawless with a romantic softly swept up style by Craig Gangi. Sienna Miller never lets us down and this twisted back style is definitely one to remember. And finally the lady of the evening, Julianne Moore, couldn’t have looked better receiving her first Oscar for Best Actress. Marcus Francis gave Julianne a sleek side part and low bun that complimented her evenings wardrobe.


Did you have a favorite style from the 87th annual Academy Awards? Let us know in the comments!

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