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We’ve Found The Perfect Hairstyle for Every Type of Bride

Let’s get real: planning a wedding is majorly stressful, and while we can’t help you choose a color scheme or the font for your invitations, we can help find the perfect hairstyle! Your wedding look should be ‘you but better’, something timeless that exemplifies your personal style. To save you time, (and sanity!) we’ve scoured Pinterest for some of the most inspirational looks to get you ready for the big day.


Flower crowns may be traditionally associated with bohemian brides, but delicate flowers paired with a dreamy braid and statement jewels elevate the look to fairytale-level perfection.



A knotted braid is the ideal balance of feminine-meets-tough, with a punk edge. The knots add an unexpected texture that even the most daring brides will love!



An effortlessly polished French twist is perfect for an elegant affair; this look ensures you’ll be the belle of the ball.



Bohemian brides and braids are a match made in heaven, and this enchanting style is a fun departure from the free-spirited looks that are all too common.



You want to look like you, but better. It’s hard to go wrong with long waves and a floral accessory.


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