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The Side Swept Pixie Cut

There are a million ways to style luscious long locks, but too often the shorter manes are forgotten. Hollywood royalty has revived the the side swept pixie and we love this edgy look that has given short hair a whole new chic vibe. No longer is this a cut for busy mothers, but rather a cut for teens and celebs alike.

miley cyrus

Miley Cyrus is a celebrity who embraces short hair with a young and edgy twist. Her stylist Andy Lecompte describes his take on the cut as ‘focusing on definition at the ends and utilizing Wella Professionals Luxe Oil. He reported to us that you can ‘blow dry into the side sweep or simply comb the pieces and allow to air dry’. As for the finishing touch Lecompte suggests, “Rugged Fix by Wella and the stay essential finishing spray. For Miley sometimes we will either use gel or hairspray. For gel, I use Wella Pearl Styler. It’s a soft creamy gel. Often times I will tie a hair net over Miley’s hair and blow it to make the hair flat as she has quite thick hair.”

robin wright

Robin Wright, in the Netflix hit show House of Cards, sports this style perfectly. Her hair stylist, Paul Norton, gave us some insight for girl’s wanting to embrace short hair. “When you decide to go short with your hair it’s important to embrace texture, knowing how to detail and place the shorter hair in ways that flatter your facial structure are key to pulling off these looks. Joico Hair Shake is by far the easiest product to use to create definition and separation to the hair. It also helps fine hair appear thicker and fuller. All you do is spray several sprays over the entire head and just use your fingers to scrunch it and gently separate it.”

scarlett johansson kaley cuoco christine symonds

As for several other stylish muses of this ‘do, Kaley Cuoco and Scarlett Johansson top the list. Both of these leading ladies’ hair stylist Christine Symonds, gave us an insider description of how to get the look. Symonds advises that women should decide ‘what facial feature they want to focus the hairstyle around in order to highlight that feature. Some features she said worth noting are jawline, cheekbones, or eyes.’ Christine went on to say, “My favorite way to style short hair is to apply mousse in damp hair and the rough dry it while scrunching the hair for added texture. Then I spray dry shampoo in the roots and apply a light pomade on the ends for separation.” She uses, Oribe Grandiose Mousse, Batiste Dry Shampoo, and Bumble and bumble Semi Sumo.


Whether your hair is brunette, blonde, black, red, or a myriad of other hues, you can be sure that with these tips, anyone can take on this side swept pixie cut. The ease of the short length and the quick prep time will be loved by any woman. Just add some styling gel or hairspray, pull to the side and you are ready to go!

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