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MANESPIRATION: Vera Wang’s Spring 2017 Bridal Campaign

Vera Wang 2017 Bridal Collection

Even if you’re not planning to wear white anytime soon (or ever), the #manespiration from Vera Wang’s latest Bridal Collection Campaign film, Dèsir a l’Anglaise, is just too major to ignore.

Vera Wang 2017 Bridal Collection

The collection is centered around stunningly unique dresses, modern takes on old-English ball gowns. So instead of the typical bridal boho waves and flower crowns, mane maven Akki Shirakawa opted for super-modern, intricate braided low-ponytails with textured ends.

Akki and the styling team killed it when it came to accessories. That feathered crown? The Roman inspired headpiece? The shapely veils? The looks, especially paired with the intricate and expertly placed braids, feel like they belong on one of the high-fashion runway NYFW. 

@VeraWangGang put it like this: Courtly Love, Modern Grandeur, Sheer Seduction, Secret Rendezvous, Silent Signals, Garden of Regal Delights. That sounds perfect to us. 

Vera Wang 2017 Bridal Collection

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