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Is Mania Hair Studio the Most Tech Savvy Salon?

New Jersey has a few of our favorite things this time of year, including the best shopping and great beaches. But it is also home to one of our favorite hair studios—Mania Hair Studio in Park Ridge, which carries prestige haircare lines like Bumble and Bumle. Like all great things, this salon has withstood the test of time, as it was originally founded as a barbershop by Phil Mania’s father in the early 70’s. “After school, I would walk to the shop, sweep the floors, and watch my dad cut hair,” Mania, the salon’s founder, described of his start in the industry. “As I matured, I realized those early days were life lessons in dedication, reputation, and building relationships.” And when his father died over two decades ago, he took over the business at the young age of 18. Thus, Mania Salon is more than just work for him and his employees. “I have lead the Mania Hair Studio team for over half my life,” Mania warmly revealed. “It is more than a business, it is my heartbeat.”


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And that sentiment carries through every part of the studio experience. “It is about creating a culture of mutual respect and care among our team and our clients. We foster a culture that encourages teamwork and open communication…our team even encourages client sharing,” he revealed, which as we know is not the case at most salons.

Another big tenet of the Mania Hair Studio ethos is innovation—one of the reasons why the brand has been around for almost forty years. “We embrace innovation,” Mania affirmed. “The world is ever-changing and you must evolve with it! New techniques and products are on our radar. We are always researching, testing, and gathering up feedback to find what is the best for our clients.” iPads are even installed at each styling station to “allow stylists the freedom to search for imagery with their clients”.

However, snagging a chair at Mania Salon isn’t just any walk in the park– they have a comprehensive Education Program, that fosters creativity. “All our stylists and colorists must complete and pass our curriculum in order to earn a spot at MHS.” And get this–they even provide workshops for their clients so they can recreate their looks at home. “A client should be able to replicate that style when he/she/they leaves our chair,” Mania expressed. “Each workshop is comprised of signature tips, techniques, and professional expertise in a creative, hands-on environment.” Sounds pretty awesome to us.

But that isn’t the last credo for the salon, as giving back is also of the utmost importance. Of their charitable work, Mania confirmed, “Giving back is very important to us.” He continued, “The studio participates in various events and local fundraisers on an ongoing basis. This year was our first time supporting St. Baldrick’s Shaving Event Fundraiser. It was incredibly humbling.” The studio also supports hair donations to Pantene Great Lengths and Locks of Love by offering complimentary appointments to those who are willing to participate. For aspiring salon owners and stylists, Mania recommends going all in. “100%”, is what he believes is required to create a longstanding business. “Anything less will not do.” We couldn’t agree more. And the best advice he’s ever received came from his father naturally. “‘The most important thing in your life is your reputation, take good care of it,” his dad shared while close to death. “All these years later, I never forget those words and try very hard to live up to those wishes.” It’s no hyperbole when we say we absolutely know that his father would be proud.

If you’re looking for a salon that feels more like family, make sure to stop by Mania Salon at 62 Park Avenue, Park Ridge, NJ 07656, and tell them Mane Addicts sent you!

What’s your favorite memory at your favorite salon? Let us know below!

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