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MANESPIRATION: Marc Jacobs Fall 2015 Campaign

House of Jacobs has been slowly building suspense for it’s Fall 2015 campaign as Marc himself released a slew of Instagram previews shot by David Sims. So far, the campaign is edgy, refined, sharp, and boasts the kind celebrity power we’ve come to expect from Marc Jacobs.


Starting just this May with Cher, she evokes a whimsical goth mane front and center. Styled by Mane Master Guido Palau, her hair is brushed into voluminous backcombed curls that start just below the cheekbones. Cher’s hair is enviably thick and black – surely an extension of the theme in her outfit.

willow smith marc jacobs

MJ changes gears completely with his second feature – 14 year old Willow Smith. Willow executes a ‘broken doll’ pose in a long black pleated skirt and a fitted jacket. Although the young singer has been known to whip her hair back and forth, in this shoot she’s rocking a super short cut that’s twisted into spunky coils. 


They say Marc Jacobs has a knack for finding and creating fashion muses out of non-fashion faces. Case in point – actress Winona Ryder. She first appeared in an MJ campaign in 2003, but the 2015 stills are more wild with an edgy innocence akin to her piecey Edward Scissorhands bang.


Next in the previews features the beautiful Emily Ratajkowski. Though not in her usual sexy garb, she looks equally stunning evoking Cruella DeVille. The spotted fur, black gloves, and ulta plump pout are completed with an upside down mohawk pony akin to the villian’s famed faux-hawk.

sofia coppola marc jacobs

Sofia Coppola has been a muse for MJ since his days at Perry Ellis and he admits that this particular shot of her is his favorite from this ‘collection’. “Not only was I attracted to how she looked, her sense of style, I was drawn to her manner, her behavior, her life, her ambitions and creativity…She represented everything I am drawn to – talent, style, creativity, a unique ‘vision and voice’,” he proclaimed on his Instagram. It’s almost difficult to recognize her with such a dark, dramatic cat eye and without her distinctive olive skin, but it’s hard to mistake her profile. A profile that Guido emphasizes by combing her thick dark hair back into a sleek wind-blown style that isn’t weighed down at the back – perhaps an attempt to mirror the pointed yet airiness of her films.

We’re digging Marc’s deviation from bold bright colors as he embraces his dark sinister side for fall and can’t wait to see what face shows up in the campaign next.

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