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César Ramirez Debuts Wildform Neon Wigs on an All Transgender Model Cast

Congratulations, neon hair – you’ve graduated. No longer a passing trend reserved for festivals, full-on color is decidedly best when florescent. From ombre to saturated, all shades and styles claimed their place on the Marco Marco runway. Our takeaway? Put a girl in lime-tinged weave and she is unstoppable.

To get the look, defined as a “futuristic rockability, 50s vibe,” key hairstylist and Mane Master Cesar Ramirez cut, dyed and styled every wig in the collection. “Everything is just fun and colorful,” he commented. The wigs came from Wildform, a go-to retailer for quality hair that should be on the radar of every mane addict. It can be hard to get a wig as snatched as Cesar, but luckily he shared his ultimate hack backstage. “A tip to making wigs look great is having the proper tools and knowing how to pin one down properly,” he noted, armed with a handful of bobby pins.

It truly was a revolutionary show—Marco Marco tapped an all transgender cast– and got them primped and polished for the runway. Cesar went in with last minute cuts, even giving bangs a super precise line using a razor just before go-time. There was no one length, texture or look for the ladies, who each let their individual personalities shine in brighter than diamond hair.


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neon hair marco marco

neon hair marco marco

neon hair marco marco

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