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My Hair Had Lost All Life and Luster—Then I Tried Maria Nila Haircare

My hair has been in a rut. A limp, dull, and lifeless rut. As a professional stylist, I’ve tried everything I could get my hands on. Using my knowledge of hair health and balance, I tried more moisture, less moisture, more protein, a mix of both—the list goes on. Honestly? Nothing was working. All my tried and true favorites were no longer performing on my locks like they used to. Then recently, I was offered a chance to try Maria Nila’s “Eco Therapy Revive” Line. There were no “review strings” attached, but I was happy to try a line that was new to me. After using the full regiment for one week, I reached out to offer writing a review because I was that impressed. It’s now been a month since I started using the Eco Therapy Revive Line and my mane has officially returned to its former glory.

About Maria Nila

“We provide the world with professional beauty in a friendly, curious, and honest way.” That’s Maria Nila’s motto. The 100% vegan, Swedish haircare line touts itself as “not the usual haircare brand” due to its commitment to anti-cruelty, environmentally friendly, and sustainable practices. Maria Nila is not only certified by PETA, but also by The Vegan Society and Leaping Bunny. They also work with Zeromission, Plan Vivo, and the farming project Taking Root. All of these partnerships come together to support the idea that we, as people, have to take responsibility for animals, the environment, and our future generations.

On top of Maria Nila’s incredibly conscious efforts, their haircare actually works on any hair type. In the world of beauty, it’s rare to find an eco-friendly brand that works on the finest, texture-less hair, as well as the thickest coils and curls. From styling products to color masks, and several product families dedicated to repairing, balancing, protecting, toning, and softening, Maria Nila as a brand covers so much ground.

About the Eco Therapy Revive Line

My introduction to the brand began with the Eco Therapy Revive series. The recommended three-step regiment consists of shampooing twice with the Eco Therapy Revive Shampoo, applying the Eco Therapy Revive Masque for three to five minutes, then finishing off with the Eco Therapy Revive Conditioner. I followed this regiment two to three times a week depending on my activity level and honestly noticed immediate results.

The Results

After my first shower with this routine, my hair saw a noticeable change in bounce and movement. Additionally, my scalp felt incredibly clean without feeling stripped, which I appreciate since my hair normally falls flat and sticks to my scalp a mere day after washing. After the first week, I noticed that my ends no longer felt as brittle, and my hair wasn’t drying out as fast. I use a lot of finishing products and mousses when styling my hair, so typically my ends feel stiff and tangle rather quickly. I also have a fairly large and very light money piece on the left side of my fringe. This area has become more brittle over time due to the lightener upkeep.

After a few weeks of regular use, the Eco Therapy Revive series completely transformed my hair. My copper locks went from dull to shiny, my ends from straw straight to soft and brushable, and the bounce and volume returned to my lengths. My lightened areas loved the Eco Therapy Revive Masque in particular. I would make a point to add an extra helping of masque to those strands, and quickly saw an improvement in hair health. The results I experienced were so noticeable that my partner began to use the regiment two to three times a week as well. His normally wiry, coarse, and curly locks bounced back to a full curl that he had not seen in ages. To me, this was further proof that this line works on any hair type and for any person.

Maria Nila has genuinely changed my hair for the better and revived the areas that I was struggling with the most. If a client in my chair were to ask me for an eco-friendly, high-performance recommendation that actually works, the Eco Therapy Revive series would be my answer.

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