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LOS ANGELES: Mark Townsend Returns to the Salon

Mark Townsend is every it girl’s dream hairstylist. You know- the guy responsible for Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen’s impeccably chic yet understated hairstyles, the man behind Dakota Johnson’s cool girl waves, and the hands that sculpted Zooey Deschanel’s voluminous curls. Mark Townsend is known for his touchable, wearable, naturally gorgeous hairstyles and now we can have a taste of that too- Mark is returning to Sally Hershberger Salon in Los Angeles after a 7 year hiatus.

Mark Townsend Sally Hershberger LA mary kate and ashley olsen

“What I love the most about being a freelance hairstylist is taking the techniques I use on photo shoots and for red carpet events and showing women how to achieve these looks on themselves. I also love showing women how they can incorporate the newest trends into their own style,” says Mark as he explains his interest in being in the salon.

elizabeth olsen wavy hair beach waves mark townsend

“I miss working in the salon so much! I really miss working next to other hairdressers and learning from them and sharing new ideas and techniques. And I love cutting hair-and we don’t always get to do that on photo shoots and press events,” says Mark. “I’ve always seen my clients in NY at Sally Hershberger Downtown salon but I haven’t been in the salon in LA for years. so I’m so excited to keep a chair at Sally Hershberger Salon in LA.”

Mark Townsend Sally Hershberger LA

Interested in seeing what Mark can do for your hair?

He’ll be available for appointments at Sally Hershberger Salon 3-4 days a month staring this June (and we’ll be first in line!).

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