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5 Reasons Marley Twists Should be Your Summer Look

No matter your outfit, an easy breezy summer ‘do will mark you as the coolest — and you can’t get any cooler than Marley Twists. This style not only looks polished and chic–it’s way easier than other protective styles, too. 

Ahead, we’re laying out five reasons why marley twists need to be added to your hair repertoire, stat. 

marley twists

5. They’re Carefree

Low-maintenance protective hairstyles are essential for the summer season. What makes Marley Twists so special compared to other protective styles is its lightness and no-fuss upkeep.

marley twists, solange

4. They Last

Marley Twists are incredibly sustainable. The marley hair can be washed and reused for even more beautiful styles!

solange marley twists

3. They Look Real

If you don’t want your extensions to look like extensions,  Marley Twists is the style for you.  The twisting method allows the marley hair to blend perfectly with your real hair, creating a beautiful natural look.

marley twists

2.  DIY Approved

No need to run to the salon. Marley Twists are incredibly easy to install! Save a special weekend date, grab your Netflix, and get to twisting. The best thing about installing these twists yourself is that they don’t have to be perfect. The more unique the twists, the more natural they appear. There are several Marley Twist tutorial videos out there. Check out our faves: here, here, and here.

marley twists

1. Endless Styling Options

Marley Twists are super flexible. While you may have to wait a few days (or even a week) before doing fabulous updos with tight and rigid box braids, Marley Twists give you the ultimate style freedom due to its softness. The twists are also a great choice for colorful looks.

**Mane Tip: If you want a fuller style that’s also carefree, try Havana Twists — the voluminous cousin of Marley Twists!

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