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Marrakesh: Travel Essentials


As a professional stylist, I am constantly on the go. If I’m not lugging my huge suitcase up and down the subway stairs in NYC, I’m checking a bag full of my most precious hair care belongings before boarding a flight. The more I travel around, the smarter I get with my kit. Last week, I took a trip to Marrakesh, Morocco to shoot with @TheJetSetDiaries and here’s what I took to help me get through the trip!


Conair has a great converter kit that includes plugs for every country and it’s less than $20! In some countries, I can’t bring my usual Parlux blowdryer because of the difference in voltage, so I’ve had to invest in smarter tools. Amika’s interchangeable barrel iron, travel size blow dryer, and wireless flat iron are probably my biggest life savers when I’m working abroad. They accommodate the voltage hiccup without compromising the quality of my work and save me HEAPS of space when I’m packing.

Amika Flat Iron Elizabeth and James Dry Shampoo

Elizabeth and James’ new travel size dry shampoos were SO great. I used one as a dry shampoo at the root for lift and the other to blow into the hair from the bottom to fluff up our model’s wavy tendrils with body and texture. The scents of vanilla-y sandalwood and a musky muguet left traces at every location. 

Redken Hairspray

I bring minimal products with me when I travel. The essentials to my work include a good hair spray, thickening mousse, dry and wet texture sprays, something creme-based to tame frizz and smooth ends and of course, water. I can create any look with just these products alone. On this trip I was working with Redken’s Fashion Works 12 hairspray, Living Proof’s Full Thickening Mousse, Elizabeth and James dry shampoo, Sachajuan’s Ocean Mist and Bumble and Bumble’s Brilliantine

Ibiza Teasing Brush

Keeping my kit minimal when I travel is a serious task, so the same applied with my brushes. I rely on one small tooth comb, one wide tooth comb, a medium sized round brush, a lacing brush and a regular brush. Some of my go-tos, whether I’m on location or back on set in NY, include Ibiza’s gold wide-tooth wave comb and TX7 lacing brush; but the next addition to my kit is definitely going to be a mini Mason Pearson brush.


When going to Marrakesh, or any other work destination (when in Rome), I like to use accessories in the hair that illustrate the environment we’re in. I always keep a small coin purse in my set bag. Hanging silver earrings in a braid, crowning your style with a native handmade necklace, or cutting scraps of fabric from all the amazing textiles to weave into your hairstyle will help you achieve a unique and playful look.

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