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What to Know About Marshmallow Root for Hair Growth

Marshmallow is more than a s’more and hot cocoa must, it also works wonders for hair. If you’re in a hair rut and want to turn your luck around, sprinkle a little marshmallow oil in your mane and watch as breakage subsides and growth kickstarts. We spoke with Meerika Khanna, brand founder of Rthvi, to learn more about how to use marshmallow root for hair growth.

What Exactly Is Marshmallow Root?

In Ayurveda, Marshmallow is known as Khatami. “It is a perennial herb that grows in abundance in Eastern Europe, North Africa, and Northern India,” says Meerika. Rthvi’s Marshmallow Root Oil is locally grown and made in an Ayurvedic lab in India. 

Benefits of Marshmallow Root for Hair

“Hair breakage is a common reason many people cannot grow their hair to their desired length,” says Meerika. “You may have average hair growth, but you won’t see the length if you are experiencing hair breakage.” That’s where marshmallow root comes in. “The high natural mucilage present in marshmallow root helps provide resilience and strength to the hair, preventing breakage and leading to a visible growth in hair length,” notes Meerika. “Mucilage is a plant-based carbohydrate found in the root of the marshmallow plant that has humectant properties, almost like hyaluronic acid,” she continues.

“Marshmallow root is also high in antioxidants and amino acids, providing optimal scalp nutrition, which creates a perfect environment for increased hair growth,” Meerika shares.

There are many hair benefits that come from marshmallow root, all of which are key to healthy growth. Marshmallow can nourish and detangle, condition dry scalp and hair, prevent breakage, restore heat-damaged locks, and prevent irritation caused by dry skin and scalp.

While the time it takes to see results varies, Meerika comments that with regular use there should be noticeable hair growth within three months.

How to Use Marshmallow Root for Hair Growth

She recommends applying one to two droppers full directly on the scalp if used alone. It can be mixed with rosemary oil and amla oil for a highly customized hair growth routine. “Both of these oils offer hair growth benefits, and rosemary, in particular, is great for hair loss prevention,” she shares.

Not only does it help hair grow, it tames your mane. “Marshmallow root oil can be used as an effective detangler,” says Meerika. For best results, work the oil into the hair shaft before shampooing for fewer tangles. She notes that two to three drops of marshmallow root oil can also be applied to wet hair after shampooing. “It is extremely gentle and can be used on children’s hair as a natural alternative to the more traditional chemical-based detangling products on the market.” Can all our products be this sweet?

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