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Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s 8 Most Iconic Mane Moments

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have been iconic since Full House. So has their hair.

From their bob-and-bangs days to their now standard center-parted aesthetic, these two actresses-turned-designers are always on trend. Even their 2000s chunky highlights were envy-inducing. Natural waves, grown-out roots—Mary-Kate and Ashley basically invented minimalist chic. The list of completely copyable Olsen twin mane moments goes on and on. And in honor of their birthday, we rounded up our personal favorites.

Read on for Mary-Kate and Ashley’s most iconic hairstyles from the ’90s to now.

1. Flipped-Out Bob

Nothing is more 2000s than the flipped-out bob. And no one rocked this classic look like Mary-Kate and Ashley back in the day.

2. Root Curls

We’re thinking of bringing this back. Curly roots are a funky, early-aughts vibe that the Olsen twins absolutely nailed.

3. Bold Hats

The 2000s were full of eccentric headwear, and the Olsen twins dawned it all. This slouchy red cap is an ultra-cute aesthetic we just couldn’t keep off the list.

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4. Natural Waves

The Olsen twin’s signature aesthetic has moved on from turned-out tresses and highlights to a more natural color and texture. Undone center-parted waves are to die for.

5. Hair Accessories

Mary-Kate and Ashley’s affinity for accessories goes beyond hats and into more intricate headwear. The braided hair jewelry here is a red carpet show-stealer.

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6. Undone Updos

Relaxed manes are a must when it comes to the Olsen twin’s iconic moments. Undone updos with face-framing tendrils? Yes, please.

7. Boho Braids

The twins will always be ’90s girls. Mary Kate absolutely stuns in this red carpet snap, rocking waves and covert braided tendrils.

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8. Grown Out Roots

We would be remiss to not include one of the Olsen twin’s most iconic trends: grown out roots. Tousled tresses and lived in locks are an Olsen staple.

Mary-Kate and Ashley aren’t the only celeb sisters with some of the best manes on the block. Check out THESE other famous sisters who have the fiercest hair!

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