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HOW-TO: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s Met Ball Hairstyles by Mark Townsend

Mary Kate and Ashley Met Gala Mark Townsend

It’s no secret that Mark Townsend is one of our favorite Mane Masters, as he’s perfected the art of effortlessly chic low key ‘cool girl’ hair. And with two clients like Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, we were honored he shared with us how he created their red carpet looks for last night’s China Through the Looking Glass Themed Met Gala.

“Ashley told me several days ago that she wanted to wear her hair half up and was also thinking about gold hair accessories – that got me extremely inspired!


1. To create the look, I started by applying a few drops of Dove Youthful Vitality Silk Crème to her damp hair and let it dry naturally while she had her makeup done.

2. When her hair was dry, I gathered the top section of her hair and pinned it into a topknot.

3. Then, I took the hair from each side and pulled it up and wrapped the hair around the base of the topknot, purposely letting the gold bobby pins and hair pins show because they are such a great effect to a simple style – I got them at Sephora.

4. Next, I used R Session Tools double barrel iron to create loose waves in the hair that was left half down.

5. I finished by liberally spraying Dove Style+Care Invigorating Dry Shampoo throughout the hair for texture and hold.”

Mary Kate and Ashley Met Gala Mark Townsend

“I was so inspired by Mary Kate’s vintage Dior gown that we first decided to keep her hair back and then decided on braids.


1. To start, I applied a few drops of Dove Youthful Vitality Silk Crème to her damp hair and blow dried with a round brush.

2. Next, I coated my hands with Sally Hershberger 24K Texturizing Paste and split her hair into two sections

3. Lastly, I loosely braided each side and secured with an elastic.”

Don’t forget to follow @marktownsend1 for more #manespiration.

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