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Find Out What Celebrity Stylist Matthew Collins ALWAYS Has In His Kit

Canadian-born colorist and celebrity stylist Matthew Collins has been published in just about every major mag. Do Vogue or Elle ring a bell? Needless to say, we have a major mane man crush on Matthew, who dolls up ladies like Gigi Hadid, Mandi Moore, Hilary Rhoda and Charlotte Tilbury. Ever wonder what an internationally renowned artist like Matthew carries with him to work? Keep reading because we’ve got the juicy scoop on what’s inside Matthew Collins’s hair kit. 

Products tools inside celebrity hair stylist Matthew Collins hair kit


DYSON Supersonic: AKA the “LEGEND” and my most prized tool. This dryer is the real deal. It has so much power but is still so quiet. The best part is that he motor is in the handle, which means the weight is in my hand not above it. I was starting to get a lot of aches and pains in my hand and wrist which was freaking me out but from the first day using this dryer, all signs of pain in my arm and shoulders completely vanished

YS PARK Pure Boar Bristle & Nylon Brush: Move over Mason Pearson, there is a new girl in town! This brush is next level. It fits so perfect in your hand gives me those perfect silky brushed-out waves or a seamless ponytail, every time. If you can’t seem to nail these looks, get this brush – it will do half the work 🙂

Gretchen Brush: AKA the big ass round brush pictured (below). Speed is very important to me and using such a large round brush allows me to work the ends of the hair without giving too much bend to the ends but still giving natural movement. With the brush being so large, it works through the hair with ease and doesn’t pull on the client’s hair.

Velcro Rollers: No, they’re NOT dead. When I’m on set, I will use a max of three large rollers, sometimes only one for the fringe. I use them when I want to create natural volume and so that I can avoid any backcombing.

Session Kit Pin Case: This pin kit changed everything for me – its not too large and has a lid that flips completely around as a stand and locks. It’s loaded with tons of smart features you would never think of but basically acts like my assistant on set. 


L’Oreal Professionnel Tecni.Art Infinium 4 Hairspray: This is, in my opinion, the “GOD” of the spray world. It’s the finest mist hairspray on the market. I use this so that I can work and re-mould a look multiple times and have it stay in place, but then still be able brush it out and have it look soft and shiny.

L’Oreal Professionnel Shower Shine: The most versatile shine spray I’ve found. After brushing out waves, I’ll always spray a small amount on my hands and run it through the ends for weightless separation and shine. It also works if I want to create any sort of wet look without having to use up the entire bottle.

L’Oreal Professionnel Volume Lift: I like this to prep the hair and create a solid foundation to work from. It’s a light hold mousse that you spray directly onto the roots. I use it first around the hair line to control any baby hairs or stubborn cow licks then I work it through the rest of the head as needed. Also, as a trick to really plump up the hair, I’ll use it on dry lengths and ends then blow dry it.
brushes matthew body


Pelican Air Case: My kit (and everything inside it) is my pride and joy. I keep it spotless and organized at all times because I think it’s first thing people will judge you on. The Pelican case takes my organization to the next level and I never have to worry that anything will break. It’s cool because you can customize the inside so that everything has a place. It’s so good, I almost don’t even need to unpack my kit – I access everything. 

Lint Brush: I basically exclusively only wear black t-shirts, and I have the cutest white cat whose fur seems to be all over me at all times. I’ve also been the “on set hero” a few times when the stylist’s brush has run out, that’s always fun!

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