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Maui Moisture’s Aloe-Infused Formulas Have Developed a Cult-Following on TikTok

If you have curly hair, there’s a good chance you’ve come across Maui Moisture—maybe snagging a few of their products on your last Target run. After all, when you can get fuss-free curl formulas for under $10 (yep, all of their products are under $10!), you know it’s worth stocking up. Or maybe you scrolled past them on your FYP. Maui Moisture’s dedicated fan base has created tons of TikTok content with over 100 million views: hauls, wash day routines, hair care explainers, you name it. The ultra popular brand creates aloe-first formulas (translation: they’re super hydrating) that cater to curls of all kinds—from wavy to coily. Plus, they’re completely free from harsh additives, silicones, and mineral oils

It’s safe to say we’re obsessed. Since we’re already into fall and seriously missing summer, we’re throwing it back to a few of our favorite moments from the Maui Summer Lookbook styled by Alexander Armand, Cynthia Alvarez, and Takisha Sturdivant-Drew. Scroll down to get a look at some seriously happy curls (and a few of our favorite products).

The Maui Summer Lookbook

Woman with curly messy bun sitting on a comfy sofa in the sunshine and smiling.
Woman looking directly at the camera and smiling. She wears a lime green top and her long curls are styled half-up, half-down.
A woman strikes a confident pose with a closed mouth smile. Her curly hair is slicked back in a high updo with lots of volume on top.
A pair of side-by-side photos featuring a young woman with a curly messy bun and front pieces.
Another duo of photos featuring the woman wearing the yellow tank top and a slicked back, curly updo.

Must-Have Maui Moisture Products

We get that navigating the hair care section can be overwhelming (even for editors and pros), so to save you the extra Googling we’ve rounded out our can’t-miss picks from Maui Moisture.

Strength & Length + Castor & Neem Oil Curl Oil Gel 

(Image Source: Maui Moisture) 

$8.99 on Amazon
Part oil, part gel. This unique hybrid gives the best of both worlds with a soft hold that retains your curl’s shape throughout the day and adds a glossy shine—no crunchy curls here. It’s extra gentle and perfect for those with damaged or transitioning curls.

Curl Quench + Coconut Oil Smoothie

(Image Source: Maui Moisture) 

$9.80 on Ulta

Creamy coconut oil, papaya butter, plumeria extract—the ingredients sound good enough to eat. This appropriately-named hair smoothie is a must for thick hair types, giving your waves, curls, and coils the definition they deserve. 

Curl Quench + Coconut Oil Ultra Hold Gel

(Image Source: Maui Moisture) 

$7.09 on Amazon

Want to really make your curls shine? Look no further. The strong hold clear gel contains a tastefully subtle shimmer (not glittery) that hugs every curl to make them pop. And because of its mega moisturizing formula, you can rest assured that “strong hold” does not equal crunchy curls. 

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