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Maya Henry in the Season’s Most Striking Holiday Hairstyles Inspired by the Runway

If you’ve been shying away from the bold statement-making hairstyles spotted on the runways this season, get excited—your time to test-drive the too-extra-for-everyday looks is now. Take it from model and philanthropist Maya Henry, whose tresses recently took on full supermodel form with the help of celebrity hairstylist and Mane Master Christian Wood. The pair re-created the catwalk’s most memorable manes, including grandiose glass hair à la Versace, a Dolce & Gabanna-inspired ornamental updo, and more artful holiday hairstyles. Keep scrolling for Christian’s pro tips to pulling off the holiday party-perfect looks plus Maya’s beauty secrets for maintaining thick, long locks and fighting tenacious Texas frizz.

Photo Martina Tolot

“The inspo for each look came from different designers. With Versace, we went sleek and straight and used clips; with Dolce & Gabbana, Christian decided on my hair up and back using flower accessories; for the sporty look, we did three sleek and sporty ponytails; and for the Tom Ford-inspired look we used gold flower pins on the side of my hair for a very classic, sophisticated look,” Maya shared with us.

The key to the Versace hairstyle, Christian notes, is to apply Wella Light Luminous Reflective Oil to wet hair then blow dry it straight section by section starting at the nape, using an Ibiza Round Brush and T3 Micro Featherweight Hair Dryer. He notes, “The dry oil will help bring out the hair’s natural shine, and Ibiza brushes are my favorite for a smooth, glossy finish while being gentle on the hair.” Christian followed up with the GHD Curve Soft Curl Iron down the hair the same way you would use a straightening iron, and at the ends he held and curled the hair for three seconds to create a 90’s flick at the bottom. An Epona Valley Colossal Crystal Snap Clip on each side polished off the glass hairstyle. 

Photo Martina Tolot

“My personal favorite holiday hair hack is always to have a very dramatic updo since the holidays are about dressing up. I love the pony Christian did on me for the Dolce & Gabbana party in Milan. He created a super sexy bombshell updo,” Maya says. Speaking of drama, the Dolce & Gabbana updo she and Christian dreamed up had no shortage of it. And surprisingly, hair amateurs can create the look themselves. Christian tells us the key is to use a pintail comb to part all the way from the hairline to the nape of the neck to create two pigtails. Next, take each braid and criss-cross them over the parting to create a milk braid effect, securing with matte pins along the way. The final touch? A stunning Jennifer Behr Velvet Flower Head Band. 

Photo Martina Tolot

Given Maya calls San Antonio, Texas home, one has to wonder how she keeps her off-duty locks frizz-free and healthy. We found out she swears by the R+Co Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner, adding, “I find it’s better if I let my hair air dry so it’s not as frizzy. After washing, I apply Sun Bum Revitalizing Leave In Treatment and Coconut Argan Oil. When the humidity is really bad there’s always a good slicked-back bun. I also get regular trims with Jen Atkin, and eat a lot of healthy fats like avocado and salmon. I’ve never dyed my hair so that keeps my hair healthy as well.”

Photo Martina Tolot

Though Maya’s day job includes modeling and acting, the 18-year-old makes it a priority to give back. “Philanthropic work is important to me because as a kid I grew up watching my dad help people, and that inspired me to help others. I realized at a young age that I’m very blessed and fortunate, and I think it’s important to give back and help others in need. My work with the Ferrari Kid organization is special to me because I saw my grandmother fight cancer, and seeing little kids fighting cancer and not being able to have a normal childhood breaks my heart. I love seeing these kids happy and to be able to take their mind off cancer for a little bit and enjoy themselves.” On her goal for the new year, she says, “My ultimate goal in 2019 is to expand my school supply giveaway to lower income schools in other countries.” 

Model Maya HenryPhotos Martina Tolot | Hair Christian Wood 

Makeup Melissa Hernandez  | Wardrobe Christian Classen 

2 minutes

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