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Every Meghan Markle Low Bun You Need to See

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, Queen of our hair dreams. The newest royal isn’t afraid to break norms and her hairstyles are no exceptions. Instead of opting for fussy ‘dos, Meghan has been known to rock a low bun on many occasions. Our hearts flutter with the simple elegance she brings this particular style. Here are the seven times Meghan Markle’s hair made it onto our radar.

Hat Perfection

When you think of a Brit, images of crazy fascinators take over our imaginations. While you won’t catch Meghan Markle’s hair in one of those contraptions, you will catch it in this chic neutral-toned hat. Can it get any classier than this? A sleek, low bun peeks from underneath this gorgeous topper making it fit for a royal.


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Low and Casual Wins the Race

The Duchess of Sussex knows how to do high-low like a pro. As with her fashion, this particular take on her favorite hairstyle also mixes the best of both worlds. The messiness of the bun is counteracted with a chic, low placement.


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Accessories to the Rescue

We’ve seen a version of low bun on Meghan before, but the addition of big earrings makes this particular look a showstopper. Not a hair is out of place. Bonus points go to this ‘do because you can recreate it yourself in five minutes flat with the use of a brush and some hairspray or gel. How’s that for royal inspo?


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Hot Mama

Although Archie is stealing all the spotlight in this image, Meghan’s straight middle part does take centerstage. The royal mama sports her go-to look for this official photo with her baby heir.


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Modern Barbie

Barbie, movie aside! With a face like this and a signature hairdo like a simple low bun, Meghan Markle is set to take over the world. The bun doesn’t compete with her features, letting her true beauty shine.


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Aloha Low Pony

Although she sports her typical middle part, this ‘do is a bit different because of its relaxed nature. Her hair is typically gelled back in this style but she let it all hang loose for this leid photo opp.


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Denim & Bun

The Duchess took casual denim to the next level with this laid back look. No styling products? No worries! The low bun looks great with a few flyaways. It’s boring to be made up all the time anyway- just ask Meghan Markle’s hair.


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If you want to spice up that low bun, THESE hair accessories are all you need for a fall frolic!

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