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14 Memes About Cutting Your Own Hair That’ll Inspire You to Put the Scissors Down

You may have the itch during quarantine to trim your tresses, but let these memes about cutting your own hair be a cautionary tale.

Picking up the scissors may seem like a good idea, that is until you make the first chop.

We know you desperately want to change up your look, so these cutting your own hair memes are here to urge against any impulses you may have. Your hair is fine, you don’t need bangs.

1. Anyone who watched Fleabag should know you do not want to come out of quarantine looking like Claire.

2. We cannot stress this enough!

3. Again, no bangs!

4. That is one mistake you absolutely can’t undo.

5. Unless you save what you trimmed and attach it back to your locks this way.


6. Even Miley Cyrus knows she should be tamed when it comes to cutting her own hair in quarantine.

7. If this cutting your own hair meme doesn’t stop you from chopping off your locks, we don’t know what will.

8. More than anything, you do not want to come out of this looking like Joe Exotic from Netflix’s Tiger King.

9. Seriously, this man should not be your quarantine hair inspo.


10. You will never look as chic as this pup after cutting your own hair, we guarantee it.

11. When in doubt, think about what your hairstylist would do. Chances are they wouldn’t approve of you trimming your locks.

12. In this scenario, we do not want to be the Powerpuff Girls.

13. Are you mentally prepared to rock a bowl cut when this is all over?


14. The only thing worse than cutting your own hair, is not finishing once you’ve started chopping it all off.

If you absolutely must cut your own hair, THIS quick guide is here to help you out!

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