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How to Get Your Man’s Hair On Point for Summer

how to get your mans hair on point - mane addicts

Any girl or guy knows that when your hair is slaying and your man’s hair is praying there’s a serious lack of overall cool. Turn your shaggy man’s hair into a dapper dude with the following tips to upgrade his mane game.

Men's Shave


So he’s a little overgrown, but his face is clean and suddenly all is better in the world. A nice shave can go a long way in a man’s world and investing in a pro cleanup can go even further in preventing stubble, ingrown hairs, and any nics or cuts. Plus it’s the smoothest shave he’ll ever feel. A little eyebrow grooming doesn’t hurt either.


Men's Short Hair


The time is never better for a fade and cropped cut. Don’t be shy of showing some skin on the sides as the ultra short length will feel nice in the warm weather.


Short Men's Hairline


Few things look as dapper as a tidy neck line. Most salons offer free neck trims in between appointments, so make sure your man takes advantage of this offer for a tiny tune up. A short hairline is also key to controlling cowlicks and unusual growth patterns.


Short Men's Haircut


Few things give away a cheap haircut other than an ungroomed earline. A skilled barber or hairstylist will be able to handle this area with ease, but an untrained apprentice can easily carve out too much or too little.

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