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Create a Messy Fishtail Braid in 10 Easy Steps

Mermaid hair? So 3 weeks ago!  Now we’re floating towards something a little bit… fishy-er.  We’re talking that highly textured, overlapping, slightly chaotic, style known as fishtail braids.  No doubt this look is the epitome of easier said than done, but with our instructional guidance we’ll have you swimming in no time!


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  1. Prep hair with Sachajuan Ocean Mist.
  2. Tease hair at root to create lift.
  3. Grab random sections of hair and split into two; piece 1 and piece 2.
  4. Take a tiny piece from the outside of piece 1 and add it to piece 2.
  5. Take a tiny piece from the outside of piece 2 and add it to piece 1.
  6. Continue steps 4 and 5 until your braid has almost reached the ends.
  7. Tease the ends of the hair with your comb for hold.
  8. Continue steps 3-7 until you’ve braided your entire head.
  9. Spray braids with Oribe Dry Texture Spray.
  10. Rough up texture by running your hands up the braids and picking random pieces to fan and pull out.
  11. When you’ve reached your desired texture, mist with Oribe Superfine Hairspray to finish.


2 minutes

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