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MIAMI: Top 5 Hair Hotspots

Whether you’re new to the area or heading to South Beach for some fun in the sun this holiday season, it’s every Mane Addict’s worst nightmare to find yourself in a strange new land without your tried and trusted stylist by your side. If you’re in need of a color update, a fresh cut or just a fabulous blowout, let us wash your worries away with our round-up of the top must-visit hair hotspots in Miami!

  BLEACH HAIR ADDICTION If you’re looking to transform your tresses by experimenting with bold colors and unconventional lines, then Bleach Hair Addiction is a must-stop on the Miami salon circuit. This award winning, up-and-comer has perfected its inviting down-to-earth vibe, with a full-service barbershop and exposed brick decor. bleach hair addiction miami Owner Luca Castaldo grew up working at his family’s salon in Naples, Italy and later went on to become an art director for Vidal Sassoon, mastering his craft. He took his vivacious personality to Miami and the rest is history! Luca believes color should be a total transformation, “Bleach strips color pigments from black to white, it’s a 360 degree process, a total change that sums up what I want my client to experience when they come to my salon.” Pencil in a pit stop at Bleach Hair Addiction for dangerously fun color! 3101 N Miami Ave | Miami FL 33127   DANNY JELACA SALON danny jelaca salon miami Known as one of the most acclaimed hairstylists in South Florida for over two decades, Danny Jelaca and his namesake salon have been featured in Allure, Ocean Drive, Elle, InStyle, and Lucky Magazine to name a few. He has made an indelible mark on Miami’s most elite mane attractions and his modern, all white and silver studio space is the definition of contemporary chic. On top of that, the salon exclusively uses our favorite all-natural product line, Leonor Greyl! For luxurious Parisian hair treatments and superior service, visit Danny Jelaca Salon. 500 South Pointe Drive | Miami Beach, FL 33139   ORIBE SALON World-famous hairstylist Oribe opened his flagship salon on Lincoln Road with the intention of creating “a warm, chic, intimate space where experimentation could flourish and where clients would be treated as royalty.” As he describes it, this dream salon tucked away from the hustle and bustle of Fifth Avenue, is the destination for locals, tourists, and celebrities alike.

  The salon that has created signature looks for Jennifer Lopez, Kate Moss, Heidi Klum, and Gisele Bundchen exudes glamour! As if that weren’t enough, this premier hair destination is decked out with 7-foot tall mirrors and opulent tiger-wood furniture. You’d be hard-pressed to find a stylist kit that doesn’t include Oribe’s luxurious hair care, and with a staff of sought-after stylists and an inclusive service menu to boot, the Oribe Salon is an essential activity for your Miami travel itinerary. 1627 Euclid Avenue | Miami Beach, FL 33139   RIK RAK SALON, BOUTIQUE AND BAR Rik Rak Salon Miami Rik Rak is the one-stop shop that meets all of your beauty needs! Not only do they give good hair, this fashion-forward salon and day spa offers nail service, skincare, waxing, and makeup application for the ultimate glam girl. Peruse their in-house boutique while your color sets or enjoy a drink during your deep conditioning treatment! Since opening their doors, owners Rik and Raquel Watters have racked up an impressive wall of celebrities including Beyonce, Christina Aguilera and Jennifer Aniston. For the traveler that appreciates design and beauty, Rik Rak is the perfect place to feel pampered from head to toe. 1428 Brickell Ave | Miami FL 33131   SALON VASO Salon Vaso Miami Her official title as told by Allure magazine is ‘the frizz whisperer,’ which has won her a place on the coveted ‘Best of the Best Directory’ year after year. Mane Master Vaso Spirou’s namesake salon in South Beach is most famous for her NYC grown abilities to tame curly tresses and create gorgeous sun-kissed color. And it’s no surprise the salon that uses Morrocanoil products is also known for their luxurious deep conditioning treatments! Complete with extension applications, nail salon and a braid bar, this chic spot delivers the ultimate in quality of service at an affordable price. 1500 Alton Road | Miami Beach FL, 33139


What are your favorite hair hotspots to visit in Miami?!

Have you been to any picks on our list? Let us know in the comments below!

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