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How to Get Long, Blonde Miami Hair

There is nothing boring about Miami, from the beaches and clubs to the women who live there, this is a full-on city, where everyone is vying to stand out. You better believe that this same philosophy translates to Miami hair, which we learned is both the longest and the blondest. Tricoastal power-duo, Ariel Hauk, colorist, and Ramon Garcia, stylist–you can find both at Ramirez Tran in Beverly Hills, Laicale in Soho, or Junior & Hatter in Wynwood–gave us the cocktail for Miami hair, so you can pass for a local no matter where you live.

Miami Hair


“When I think of Miami, I think of blondes or people wanting to be blonde,” says Ariel. “It’s always getting lighter and lighter,” she comments, adding that where ombre was a big trend in the city last year, now girls are transitioning to an all-over blonde. “From the sun-kissed to the super-blonde, it’s all across that spectrum,” adds Ramon, building on the power of the golden girl. Everyone is so fixated on being blonde, they tell us, that seeing a girl with all-over dark hair, or a redhead is rare! According to the team, girls in the city, “want to be blonde, they want hair that touches the ground, long layers—definitely.”

The long hair doesn’t just look good; it also adds weight, acting as a guard against the city’s notorious humidity. Ramon explains that putting in long layers leads to less maintenance. “It’s hair color and cutting that can last long but survive any climate,” he continues, “it’s all about where you cut. It’s about taking out the weight in very specific places; not just all over.”

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To control for those frizzy days, Ramon has a go-to. “I love L’Oréal Professionnel’s Mythic Oil,” he says. “It’s a light oil where a little goes a long way, but you can also pump it into the hair without making it too greasy.” To survive the heat, you also need a great hairspray, “to really set the shape.” Unfortunately, the climate in Miami is always working against you. “You have to know that hair in Miami has an expiration date, in terms of the styling,” he says, breaking down the often glossed over truth.

To account for this, though there is no shortage of Brazilian blowouts, Ramon tells us that a lot of women are embracing their natural texture—especially women with curly hair. “That’s definitely trending for sure,” agrees Ariel. “People don’t really want what was popular a year ago—which is just the beachy wave. The people lucky enough to have a nice curl are accentuating that look,” she adds. Ramon speaks to this, noting less is more. “I also feel like people are embracing a more deconstructed styling, people are not giving themselves quinceañera hair,” he says. “It’s a very modern, chic woman who doesn’t look like she just came from the hairdresser.” To play up natural texture, Ramon uses L’Oreal Professionnel Next Day Hair Dry Finishing Spray. For those with thicker tresses, he works in L’oreal Professionel Tecni.Art Wild Stylers Crepage de Chignon, which will also hold shape for those who blowdry straight.

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NY -> LA -> MIA

Since these two are well-versed in three of our favorite cities, they describe how Miami stands out in comparison to both NY and LA—their home base is Beverly Hills but they are back and forth to each city every 6-8 weeks. The takeaway is that the differences are exaggerated in the subtleties.

“In Miami, the women love to keep up with their color—they want to get something done every single time,” says Ariel, adding that this aligns with the city in general. Make no mistake, where LA can go either way, Miami is always “very show-y.” All of Miami life bleeds into the salon, as Ramon describes, “In Miami it’s a party. It’s a very glamorous beach town; people have all day to spend in the salon.”

“We call it the Miami mafia,” he continues, “everyone knows each other.” This is in stark contrast to New York, where everyone is on their phones working—no one is speaking while getting their hair done. In Miami, “there’s never a break in the conversation,” he tells us. All this chatter is evident not only of the fact that Miami is a small city, and the women are generally connected, but that they get their hair done a lot.

Where the women in NY try and push appointments off, which changes the way the hair is dyed to be as low maintenance as possible (roots are kept dark and a touch-up every 6 months to a year is typical), the women in Miami will come to Ariel every two months. “In Miami, it’s definitely more punched up, they want it super bright,” she tells us. “Everything’s bigger, the hair is bigger; I make the front poppier,” she explains of her signature face-framing golden highlight.

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Although NY’ers strive to be lowkey while Miami hair is eye-catching, that’s not to say these clients are looking for pageant hair. “I feel like a lot more people are coming in and looking for a 90s feel—not too grungy, but not too Cindy Crawford, just that perfect amalgamation of Kurt Cobain and Cindy Crawford having a child,” Ramon says of the #stylegoals for Miami’s most fashion-forward. “We want to play on natural hair color but keep it different,” adds Ariel of the aesthetic.

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So what is Miami hair? Ramon is quick to answer, “It’s definitely long, blonde, a lot of movement but also not frizzy. Miami women love a ruddy look.” And how to blend in with the locals? “You better bring your oil and get some blonde highlights,” Ariel jokes. Since climate plays such a big role in Miami hair—you are always up against the elements—Ramon reminds us to SPF strands along with skin. As far as upkeep, the adage of you get what you pay for rings true, especially when it comes to maintaining your locks. “Don’t be afraid to invest in something great,” says Ramon. Ariel adds to this, saying her highlights will last four to six months vs. the typical two, so you’re actually saving by splurging on quality. Also, don’t be afraid to look up traveling hair stylists—“a lot of people go to Miami,” she reminds us. If you can’t wait for the IG stylist of your choice to touchdown, Ariel recommends going to the IGK Salon on Collins. She is a personal devotee of the and uses the brand’s Rich Kid Coconut Oil Gel, Sunday Funday Texture Foam, and Down & Out Dirty Spray. “I’m obsessed with the products!” she says. To catch Ariel and Ramon in Miami, be sure to visit Junior and Hatter, where you can find them at least every other month.


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