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Miami Hair Salon City Guide: Warren Tricomi Salon

Warren Tricomi South Beach Miami

Located inside the W Hotel South Beach, you will find the swanky and lavish Warren Tricomi Salon for all your luxury hair needs. On top of their top notch haircut and coloring services, they also offer humidity-blocking frizz control treatments, ideal for Miami weather. From luxurious nail treatments, bridal services, and bombshell blowouts, this salon has it all.  

Master colorist Joel Warren and master stylist Edward Tricomi collectively created a world-renowned brand. Joined by business guru Roxana Pintilie, they opened the luxurious Plaza Hotel flagship location in 2008; since then, they have opened salons at an additional eight US locations. Together, Joel Warren and Edward Tricomi are the first stylist/colorist team to develop and brand a namesake hair product line.Warren Tricomi South Beach Miami

“Warren-Tricomi prides itself on being more than just a hair and beauty salon. All stylists trained at Warren-Tricomi are required to study and become experts in not only styling, but also fashion history. It is fundamental to the Warren-Tricomi brand that this extensive knowledge and perspective is present in every single haircut given in their salons. Few other salons can also make this claim, in the same way that few other salons are perpetually and actively on the forefront of beauty and fashion in the way Warren-Tricomi has been for the last 25 years. This significance and influence is evident in many facets of Tricomi’s business, one of which is the fact that they do at least three fashion shows each season, all over the world.”

We suggest following @warrentricomi on Instagram for all your Miami hair needs.

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