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Should You Be Using Micellar Water On Your Hair?

If you’ve been keeping up with all things beauty this year, then you probably already own micellar water. It is the secret weapon of French women because it’s a multi-tasking product that not only gets your face clean, but also moisturizes and tones. And yes, we still love French women’s approach to beauty ok? Now, brands are getting in the game and making micellar water for our tresses. Count us in!

DevaCurl is one of the first brands to tackle the miscellar water hair category with its incredibly light cleansing serum. It takes the place of shampoo and removes product buildup—along with the stress put on our hair from things like hard water and damaging environmental elements. It is jam-packed with essential oils like our new favorite abyssinian and jojoba oil, and it’s free of harsh ingredients that strip our tresses in the the wrong way.

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I used it on my natural curls and then followed up with my regular weekly mask. Its pointed tip made application super easy!


It left my coils even shinier than before, with loads of spring and volume.

Get your very own Buildup Buster here. Hopefully there are more products like this coming to the market!

Are you open to trying micellar water for your mane?


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