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Miley Cyrus Has Our Favorite Cut of Quarantine – Here’s What You Need to Know About the Pixie Update

A celeb mother-daughter quarantine haircut bonding sesh? We got to admit, we love to see it. Never one to shirk away from an experimental look, pop queen Miley Cyrus decided to seriously go for it while self-isolating with the help of her mama, Tish, and stylist Sally Hershberger.

After stepping out in fashion week’s most beloved hair-do (yes, the mullet) and then showing off her DIY bang trims on IG live, Miley upped the ante on edgy cuts and went and totally reinvented the pixie on us. Her new shaggy “pixie mullet” is choppy AF and slightly rough around the edges yet soft, kind of like the singer herself. A multitude of layers (even on the aforementioned bangs) define the cut, which is longest behind the ears — coming just below the neck, and the shortest at the central apex of the bangs which take on an arch-like shape.

Virtual cut

Sally talked Tish through the cut over FaceTime and we think she did just fine.  “Miley’s mom, Tish, played a huge part in this transformation,” Sally explained to InStyle. “I love working with Tish – she has a really good eye for detail. I was glad she was there to help Miley with this cut.”

Though the look definitely diverged from the original inspo, all parties were happy with how it turned out. “Miley sent me over a picture for inspiration, but this pixie mullet is completely different than the original inspiration photo,” noted Sally. “That’s why I love working with Miley – she’s a creative, we work really well together to bring visions to life.  

Mom hair can be chic – HERE are some standout looks. 

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