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HOW-TO: NYFW Textured Ponytails at Milly by Bob Recine

Textured ponytail Milly NYFW Bob Recine

Go to any fashion week show, an you’re sure to see plenty of ponytails, but when the key hairstylist takes the time to tweak a somewhat basic style, a simple pony can come to life. To compliment the high necklines of the collection at Milly, Bob Recine created slick textured ponytails with pieces underneath that wrapped around the base, pulling the face back for dramatic finish. From the front, you saw a fresh face and middle part, but in the back, there was movement, texture, and coveted chaos.

Textured ponytail Milly NYFW Bob Recine

Recine tells us that “because it’s really a simple ponytail, anything we can do to make it more interesting and a little different will elevate the final look. We want to make the hair against the head very very sleek and well done, but we don’t want that for the ponytail. So we have this contrasting texture.”

Textured ponytail Milly NYFW Bob Recine

“For the look, we used all PHYTO products, which is actually my favorite product because it’s plant based. The hair was prepped with PHYTO Mousse on dry hair, saturating the roots in long slices until the hair is wet. Then we created a really hard center part and tied the hair back with a bungee elastic. At the end, we tie the remaining pieces around the ponytail which ends up pulling the face back and leaves a small sprig of hair in the back. The texture at the back of the ponytail is created just by lifting the hair up and spraying with hairspray.”

At the end he covered the sleek part of the head with a hair net to keep everything intact until showtime, and clipped it into place with hair pins over cellophane to prevent a crease.

Textured ponytail Milly NYFW Bob Recine


  1. Blow out the hair using The Beachwaver Co. Pro Dry (coming soon to Beauty.com).
  2. Part the hair down the center, saturating from root to mid lengths with PHYTO Professional Intense Volume Mousse.
  3. Pull hair into a ponytail, leaving out two slices in the front and two at the nape of the neck
  4. Wrap the loose pieces around the elastic of the ponytail creating an elevated look and secure with PHYTO Workable Holding Spray.
  5. Finish the look with a light spray of PHYTO Phytolaque Soie Finishing Spray followed by a touch of PHYTO Professional Wet Gel.


Would you rock a slick contrasting pony like this? Sound off in the comments below!!

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