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Sally Hershberger Shares 3 Ways to Minimize Your Need for a Haircut Amid Quarantine

Had you been putting off a much-needed haircut anyway, only to find out you wouldn’t be able to get one if you actually wanted to? Yep, guilty as charged.

While we certainly don’t take our hairdressers for granted, we kind of always thought they’d be just an appointment away! Welp, as coronavirus-induced quarantine has taught us, it’ll be some time before anyone gets a professional haircut.

That said, just because we’re locked away doesn’t mean we can’t work around this issue. We chatted with the eponymous salon owner and Mane Master, Sally Hershberger, who shared her best ways to minimize your need for a haircut.

Spread Out Shampoo Days

While not seeing people in person, your hair doesn’t always need to be in cleanest, tip-top condition. Over-shampooing can be harmful to your hair, so the longer you can go, the better.

“I recommend spreading out your shampoo days to every other day or less, if possible,” Hershberger tells Mane Addicts. “When it isn’t possible to get a trim or cut, keeping your hair hydrated prevents split ends from appearing and hair nourished. A dry shampoo, such as the Sally Hershberger 24K Supreme Stylist Voluminous Dry Shampoo, is perfect for managing excess oil and adding volume to unwashed hair.”

Air-Dry Your Hair

We’re all about showing off our “born this way” looks, and Hershberger agrees. Simply put: “Leave your hair natural,” she says.

We know nailing just the right air-dry is different for everyone, so we put together this handy guide for each hair type.

Avoid Hot Tools

With the exception of an important virtual meeting, it’s highly advised to put down the blow drier, flat iron or curling iron.

“Limiting the amount of heat and harsh chemicals that are applied on your hair can extend the health of your hair, minimizing the need for a haircut,” Hershberger explains. “As many of us aren’t leaving the house, this is the best time to let your hair breathe and leave it natural. By doing so, it reduces the amount of damage and dryness that results from heat or harsh chemicals. Using a nourishing and fortifying shampoo and conditioner, like the Sally Hershberger 24K Get Gorgeous StylePro Shampoo and Conditioner, provides a healthy foundation without the need for heavy styling.”

If you’re struggling to upkeep those WFH looks, THESE 11 hairstyles are Mane Addicts-approved!

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